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last line of the defense.

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Hi scenery made up of figures Prodose and containers


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awesome pictures

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Thanks PredatorYoungBlood

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The game itself looks like one very old game called Freedom Fighters. Same decorations and motives.
I love the atmosphere you created for yourself.

Hobbies: ice hockey, write my essay, programming.
If you find common interests with me, I am open for new acquaintances.

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I would like to say that i was an addicted online gamer and 5 years back i left to play games online. I have played this game and also Counter Strike and it was a great time. Now I started my career in research writing and I am an excellent Assignment Writer so I don't have much time to play games but I will come back soon :)

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Great job mate :) Are you on facebook? Post them to the official groups!

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Thanks a bunch for sharing this post. I’m glad to find your post. Keep sharing!! Have a super fabulous day!!!

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Jeeeeez! These are nuts, man! Such a beautiful pictures. When i first saw it i thoughts it's a videogame screenshots :D
Keep up doing good job! If you need help with homework just visit

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