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Armoured Assault begins now

New release plan, new vehicles, new rules.

At the end of December last year we have announced release plan. We have released quite a lot of miniatures - including new vehicle for Cartel and long awaited Shadow Walkers for Mishima. After collecting feedback from our community, we decided to alter this release plan. That's where "Armoured Assault" comes from.

What "Armoured Assault" is

Starting May 2017, we are going to release new light vehicles for factions across the Warzone's universe. Some of the models are are alrady included in printed rules, some will have download-only rulesets. Some of them are brand new, some of them are blast from the past but in modernized incarnations. 

CTL-F800 Emancipator Combat Aircraft

25.58 USD 19.90 GBP 25.00 EUR

This is brand new for Warzone's universe vehicle - a Cartel made flying aeroplane.


Release Date: 26th of May 2017

Mk.55 Capitol Bully

38.38 USD 29.90 GBP 37.50 EUR

Long awaited, all-time classic tank comes into battlefield in June. We start with its lighter variant.


Release Date: 26th of May 2017

Cybertronic Nova

25.58 USD 19.90 GBP 25.00 EUR

Designed specially for Warzone 2.0 comes Cybetronic's drone "Nova"


Release Date: 23rd of June 2017

Dark Legion Wolf Spider

25.58 USD 19.90 GBP 25.00 EUR

Spiders come in all kind of colors and sizes, especially those made by Algeroth.


Release Date: 23rd of June 2017

Bauhaus T-32 Wolfclaw

38.38 USD 29.90 GBP 37.50 EUR

Straight from Mutant Chronicles (and Bauhaus factories) comes small, yet tough as nails tank.


Release Date: 21st of July 2017

Mishima Dragonbikes

25.58 USD 19.90 GBP 25.00 EUR

Absolute classic in new form has returned.


Release Date: 21st of July 2017

When Assault begins

Pre-orders for May releases will start in second week of May. Since then, we'll start releasing every new vehicles each month.

What is going to happen after Armoured Assault?

It's too early to announce our plans, but we are not scrapping our previous release schedule. It was just moved a bit into different timeframe and before Assault ends, we will have some new exciting plans to announce.


We will make each of the vehicles available for pre-orders shortly before each of the releases. Stay tuned for updates and news.


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