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Wow, gun kata nuns! Poses look really good :-)

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Nice one! When can we expect a bit more news on what's going on with Warzone 2.0.

And what about April and May releases?

Please don't shut out your fans! :)

Jarek_Ewertowski's picture

Hi there, all May releases will be shown in next few weeks + some news on 2.0 as well. We are working hard on it. Thanks.

altasmurf's picture

Interesting if not a little over the top. But I applauded any attempt to bring in some female models. Just as long as they aren't double d-tastic they should be pretty nice models. On a side note it would be interesting to see a female model for some of the basic infantry in the game. Females play a pretty strong role I'm the hero's section, would be nice to see them as part of the regular armies.

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I love how these new renders stay true to the original miniatures, while I will be getting them regardless, a part of me hopes that their will be a rule allowing Bauhaus to take them as a form of support, much like the Valkyries and Troopers.

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