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Add Ons and Force Construction Rules

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Hey out there was wondering if anyone else has tried the board games Advanced Rules for Add-ons and Force Construction.

Some friends of mine and I tried them this last Friday.

I played an Alien force consisting of
A Praetorian(Upgraded Royal Guard)
6 Face Huggers
4 Stalkers
5 Infant Warriors

One of My Friends played a Marine force of
2 5 men squads with box standard
a Power Loader
and their HQ Captain with Smartgun

and lastly my third friend made a Predator Force
1 Elder with Combi Stick
1 Hunter
1 Warrior with Disk

We ended up playing mission 10 after rolling randomly. The game was alright and we had fun but couldn't help but feel the rules didn't fit the board game. Im curious to hear if anyone else has tried or has a opinion on the Add-on's and Construction rules.


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I got a lot of add ons like the warriors, queen powerloader but haven´t used them yet. We played a few rounds with added warriors and used less infants/ stalkers to make it more even. But sometimes felt not too even. I gotta check the advanced rules some times to also see if there is a points system for the minis

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As I know it, avoids heroes and expensive units they are not worth their cost.

Here are some of my house rules :
Alien player has not to take a HQ or every player have to take one.
You can try to play with a marine’s cost of 17 point instead of 10 (don’t change their LvL up cost).
For random missions : every player draw one card and all player show to the other their card. Each player has to choose two mission of their race written on the 3 drawn card.

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I just checked the advanced rules and dont get it. It says that the Alien Forces are
Troop Type:
Facehuggers: five pts per Model
Alien Infant Warrior: 12 pts. per Model
Stalker: 15 pts. per Model
Support Type:
Alien Warriors: 22 pts. per Model
Alien Crusher: 175 pts. per Model
Royal Guard: 100 pts. per Model

But Marines
Troop Type:
Colonial Marine: 10 points per Model for LVL 1 + 10 points
per additional LVL per Model.

So, if you start at Level 1 (no frags?) The normal marines are way less points. But should be more than the aliens, considering the boxed board game is using like 15 Amliens aginst 5 Marines (say this is a even number/points) So doesn´t make sense. Or do I get something wrong?
I don´t necessarily want to make it complicated with character sheets and make heroes. If you just want to use the add on troops for normal boardgame (Marines, Infants, Stalkers, Warriors, Powerloader, Queen etc...) they should all have basic points value that you know how many you can use to make a game even.

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If you want a fair game with addons, you have to wait the next rulebook (coming soon) or try house rules.
And if you find someting convincing, you can post it here.
Because nobody can deal in a 300 points game to 26 marines + 1 sergent or sentry...
Even if Aliens and Predators decide to make an alliance.

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hmm perhaps some experimentation is in order

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You like to play all Alien Models..... it is hard. you need so much Stalkers and Huggers.... with this rule.

So i think i play with models and with ping tokens. We like to play a game with 1500 points ;)

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How the map can handle a 1500 pts battle?
Can you tell us a force list of each race?

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Hi guys :)

The points are admittedly out of balance. You would be pleased to know that we have formulated a new calculation mechanic which will attribute more acurately the points to the system, to be released as the new version of the rulebook.

Keep on gaming, and soon enough we will have matching forces.

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awesome great to hear and cant wait to see what you guys came up with

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Great news indeed.

DeanUnsworth's picture

Will the new rule book be a stand alone release or will we have to buy another boxed set to get it? :)

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Well, you can see the v.1.1 Rulebook free for download, so you will certainly be able to download it for absolutely free from what I can tell.

However, for those who want to have formal copy, perhaps there will be the option to buy a separate rulebook. I will pass your question to HQ.

My answers are always personal input :) I don't speak for Prodos.

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Cool beans, I've already got the boxed set but a 2nd edition release with some tasty new shiny toys wouldn't go amiss! :)

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Download will be for free for sure. But a printed copy to buy I would also like. As well as a sheet with some extra activation tokens. It's way too less I'd you have add ons.

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Heh I know, right? :) I've got two boxed sets and still I can't have enough tokens!! ahahahahah

Don't worry, we have passed the suggestion to Jarek since day 1. I believe a solution will present itself.

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