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I imagine as the last poster of the ‘old’ forum I have to start it.

In advenced rules,
do aliens have to take an HQ?

rules say p.52:
10.1.2 Alien Force List
1. Organisation Chart : Hive: Troop types – at least 50%
of total hive points, 0–50% Support, 1–2 HQ.
2. Maximum number of Models per squad type: no

but the exemple p.53 don't use HQ...
Steve’s Alien Force List:
Troop type:
Facehugger 6 x 5 pts. = 30 pts.
Alien Stalker 6 x 15 pts. = 90 pts.
Alien Infant Warrior 3 x 12 pts. = 36 pts.
Support Type:
Alien Warrior 2 x 22 pts. = 44 pts.
Total = 200 pts.

Acid Spit (A) rule use the text of the exemple as rule to give this ranged attack St.


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Well, I guess that Preatorians and a Queen count as support types, at least for terms of force building.

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I don’t think so,
As I understand the rule, Alien player need to spend 50% of his army points in Troop and need a HQ.

But this is a lot of limitations and unless you play a game with a lot of point you will not see on the table a Queen, a Predalien (facehugger can create one, I know) or a Crusher.

To play a Queen you need to play at least 550pts
To play a Predalien you need to play at least 350pts
To play a Crusher you need to play at least 500pts > (175pts for the crusher + 75pts for the cheapest HQ)*2

It is a bit sad that alien warriors are that good for 22pts, the crusher and the pretorian suffer a lot of this comparison.

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I don’t think so,
As I understand the rule, Alien player need to spend 50% of his army points in Troop and need a HQ.

Sorry, but I don´t care for that rule when I´m going to create my force. I know the price/cost of every single model and I just have to add up all those costs when I´ve built it and eventually to compare and perhaps adjust that outcome with the forces of the other two factions.

The rules aren´t the best in the current shape and sometimes one have to adjust it a little in favor of a desired outcome.

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No problems, I also know that the rules aren’t the best, that is precisely why I post my comments on this forum.

I am playing this game a lot and after each game, my friends and me debate about the rules and the balance of the game. We try try some house rules to adjust them and see what is worth or not.

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We try some house rules to adjust them and see what is worth or not.

Sounds interesting to me. I have also introduced some house rules into my AvP games.

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I am currently working on a 4 players map.
There will be 2 marines players, 1 alien and 1 predator.
Marines players are not allied, one is USCM Colonial Marines, the other Weyland Yutani. They are not limited in their troop choice (for exemple USCM player can bought Weyland commandos). Each Marine player have a Marine’s deck (yeah, I bought this game 2 times)
I changed the deployement area for each faction :
-Alien have limited by the scenario infested Tiles where to deploy
-Marines players have 2 rooms each
-Predators player have a second Predator Pod

Marines cost 15pts each (instead of 10pts) but the cost of their level up don’t change.
For a 200pts battle, only 1 troop type is required for Marine players and Alien player don’t need to take a HQ.

Soon, I will post the maps I created.

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I was wondering if there is a full list of model points also for the boardgame? I mean if you use the Infants and Stalkers from the box and also the addon Alien Queen and the Warriors, but only have the normal Marines from the box, the game balance will be unfair of course. I can Imagine if you have the Queen and the powerloader it will kinda match. But the Weyland Commandos I don´t really fancy and hard to make a even match of models.

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you can probably estimate it from the advance rules comparedd to whats supplied.

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hmm so anyone else noticed the books typo where a Major is way better then a Colonel?

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Yeah - the former Marine in me caught that right away...

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Hi folks.

I would ask you to be patient just a bit more. Prodos has assembled a team of persons responsible for this FAQ issue, and I can assure you it is underway. Not just a FAQ, but a Rulebook version 2.0.

Feel free to send an e-mail with questions or comments at


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Hi Chronomancer, thanks for the info.

Don't worry about this discussion, if I have posted (and will post) thoughts I have about this game, this is not to complain and whine about the rules, but I hope that spot some issues and will help to take care of it, or maybe not. I am not a god, I might be wrong and I am open minded.

As a player, I test this game with my friends and after each game, we have a discuss about : do the rules feel right? Is the map and balance feel fair? With this in mind, we try to make a little thing to adjust what we came through and during next game, we test it.

That's why I don't spam this forum with my ideas, I want them to be a minimum tested before I submit them to you guys. ^^'

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Oh, I do not complain :P I am just informing everyone who reads :)

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I've just sent an email to Prodos with these notes:

Acid Spit
The stats of Acid Spit are not displayed on the Alien Warriors' stat card. That could mean (I think), that it is not a range weapon. But the rule of Acid Spit (A) special skill neither mention the strength, the RoA and the AVV value.
So, please add these values to the skill description.

Tile Occupation
Dead Ends and Predator Pod tiles should have only 4 occupation points because no more models have enough space on them. Also, Rooms are bigger than normal tiles, so they should have around 12 occupation points.

Weld It Shut!
You should clarify if both ends of an Air Vent tile should be welded in order to remove it from the game.

Carrying a Token
The allowed value of movement while carrying a token should be only 1 instead of 2. Because in normal cases you can move 2 tiles, no more.

Predator Ping token correction
Predator Ping tokens (and Vocal Mimicry tokens also) in the base game are thicker than the other factions. The add-on Predators' tokens are thin as the others. This thickness difference makes the Ping concept totally worthless becasue you can easily find out which Predators hide under them.

Other notes:

Alien and Marine Wound tokens
There are already add-on models from both factions which have more than 1 wound values. So please release these tokens as add-ons.

Activation, Sentry and Hide tokens
These tokens are enough for the base game only but not for the add-ons.
Please release a pack of these tokens as add-ons.

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Acid spit is a ranged action. Gotta do an RS test. ROA is 1 and range only 1 tile as I understand.

Tile occupation: totally agree.

Weld it shut is already explained in the rules somewhere. If it succeeds, the air vent is removed from the game and any model in the vent (Facehuggers) would be lost.

And I agree on the tokens. With using some add ons, especially the activation tokens are way too less. Should also include some along in the add ons.

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Regarding Acid Spit.
It's confusing because the rule says: "For every enemy Model on the targeted Tile, take an RS test. If successful, then the
targeted Model receives a hit with the Weapon’s St and AVV."
But we don't know the strength of the weapon, if it's a weapon. This is the first thing.
The 2nd thing is that on page 30 in rulebook v1.2, the 2nd example says: "The Alien player rolls 3, 9 and 12, scoring two hits with St 12
against the Marine’s Armour of 13."
Now it mentions that the Acid Spit's strenght is 12... From where do we know? There is no 12 values among any of the Alien Warrioir's stat values.

That's why the Warrior's Acid Spit need to be clarified.

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Hey curious question but has anyone felt that marines are too powerful?

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...yes and no. In advanced games with extra models - yeah they are pretty powerful, but if you just play the box contents (5 man unit) no. The missions in the book also have some impact on outcomes.

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does it?

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I was playing 5 marines and Powerloader against the box's 5 stalkers, 10 drones the queen and 5 warriors. Then the Aliens are totally overpowered and I guess 5 marines might equal 5 warriors. 5 marines the box's 10 drones and 5 stalkers. The Powerloader equals the queen (all though the queen's wounds and ROA make it more better than the Powerloader I think)

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Hey guys, does anyone know if there are plans to include psychology type rules, fear, etc for use with the Leadership statistic? At the moment it feels very much redundant on the stay profiles. Cheers!

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probably when the skirmish style rules get the market

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