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Hi ppls!
Today im wanna invite all of yours to chat about the
phenomenal shows seen on cartoon network allover the medias!!!

WARZONE The Way Kaal979 Did

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Dear PRODOS - have a look at this cool picture
which shows how toptable games can also look:

Zenithian Sabretooth Slayers?

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Would ya mabye invent more funny and less disturbing monsters in future?
Me for example took it ages to invent a great mix with said SoulSlayers

SoR goes Solar System?

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Could ye dear PRODOS Games please throw up some
concepts and backgrounds for some Russian Space Troops?
I mean .. all regular MegaCorps have specialists for Dark

BaseCoat & Glue Recommendations?

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The new advantage of the plastic materials leads to the questions if there are possibly
recommendable merging (?) glues and base coat sprays available around on the market!?


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Proudly presenting:
Version 2 of my bonecrushing skin-mod-map BAUHAUS-ROCKS!
Now with even more stuffs like German botchat and Announcers

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