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Warzone Resurrection 2.2 is here

Long awaited update is ready to play

9 months after Warzone 2.0 release, and 7 months after patch 2.1 was indroduced, we got another update for Warzone Resurrection. Changes are divided into two parts: Clarifications and Gameplay. Those are explanations for often discussed rules and particular elements which are for some of the players cryptic or unclear. We have also worked on Army Lists and some of the units have received adjustments like changes in points values for example.

That's said, you can get Warzone 2.2 Patch in our downloads section for free:



Niart's picture

this is some nice stuff, and actually answers a few questions that came up during games/creating armies.

any timeframe on a new Heroes of the Solar System yet?

Jorah's picture

I have never actually played this game but it looks really interesting, so i will check it out. I'm usually pre occupied with academicwriting but i guess i should take some time out for entertainment. ;)

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