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Custom Figures for Alien vs Preadator

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I've been looking at the game's customization rules for creating your own characters/units (First Edition has a "Build your Own Hero" style chapter.). This got me to wondering if anyone else has created custom characters? Maybe recreated the Marine squad from Aliens or other unique characters from the universe?

I've been toying with the idea of doing the same. I'd like to create an Ellen Ripley figure and stat her out, Herk Mondo, Amanda Ripley, Alexa Woods (After all, already got a Horrorclix model of her that I rebased for this game a while back.) a Berserker unit, and a few other things.

Basically what I am doing here is two fold: 1. I'm seeing if anyone has dabbled with the customization rules to create their own characters, and if so, how things turned out for you. Did things need a bit of tweaking, or were they good as it? Does the conversion between first and second edition have an effect on the character creation rules? and 2. Does anyone have suggestions for models that are both size appropriate, and accurate to different characters or vehicles within the AvP universe?

Not sure when I'll get around to it, but I'll plan to share whatever I come up with when I get around to working on this.


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