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Does anyone else ever have a hard time getting this company to respond to them? I've been trying for over a week and not a single response to anything that I have sent. I know that I'm in a different country but at least a message saying they received what I wrote would be something.


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CadeStevens's picture

I've been waiting nearly a month for a response

jplawle's picture

I got a response finally but I tried every single contact they had. Eventually got through on Facebook. No idea if it will do anything but I at least got a person.

irish1983's picture

Did you ask that person the best way to get in contact with them in the future? Would be smart.

jplawle's picture

They said use the mispacked or misplaced order link. That was the one I started with.

irish1983's picture

Form worked for me and my friend.

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