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Army Roster Sheet (Fillable)

RZ_Talon's picture

Hey to all. I wanted to share my creation here. I created a fill-able PDF file for the Army Roster Sheet (3 Sheets).

Psychic Powers in Warzone

RZ_Talon's picture

When using Psychic powers the strength says 3 on the Power i want to use. Does that add three to my normal strength or is that just the strength of the Power?

Alakhai the Cunning Dimension Warp skill

RZ_Talon's picture

For the Dimension Warp skill. Is there any test on if it succeeds or fails? Only thing it says in the book is you cannot use it on vehicles or guarded models.

Unleashed Rules

RZ_Talon's picture

I have seen mention of the Unleashed rules being released in early January ,2017. What is the status of this.. Have my Alien Hoard ready to go!

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