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The Silence of Cardenal Dominic

bestiaoscura's picture

Good I have a doubt, and it may be interesting that those of Prodos are pronounced in it, because I see something strange in the rule.
The power of the cardinal dominic The silence:

Single piece casting (Sean Gallagher)

releaser22's picture

I just wanted to share my opinion that this single piece casting is amazing.
The details are ok, the base has even 180 degrees markings.

Getting Started Painting Warzone

firewolf's picture

Hello, I have been a long time collector but I've never actually gotten around to painting the minis.

Is warzone done

Rolfon62's picture

Just concerned about the future of WZR the whole thing about what's been going on with the KS AvP backers has been of late putting a damper on the direction if any of what's been going on with Prod

BaseCoat & Glue Recommendations?

Kaal979's picture

The new advantage of the plastic materials leads to the questions if there are possibly
recommendable merging (?) glues and base coat sprays available around on the market!?

Custom Figures for Alien vs Preadator

GateKeeper's picture

I've been looking at the game's customization rules for creating your own characters/units (First Edition has a "Build your Own Hero" style chapter.).


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