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Custom Figures for Alien vs Preadator

GateKeeper's picture

I've been looking at the game's customization rules for creating your own characters/units (First Edition has a "Build your Own Hero" style chapter.).

Unleashed Resource Cards

Sooty666's picture

Hi all. I have just been reading the Unleashed rule set. Does anyine know if AVP Unleashed using the Warzone Resource packs are will it be getting its own?

Collecting Updates for v3 of Rules

polymythic's picture

There still may be some issues worth updating in the rules. Also, my suggestions may be in error. I just wanted to get the ball rolling.

AvPHB Last Stand mode

Chiller087's picture

For The Last Stand mode, when in the spawning phase, are rolls made for each breach location, even if there are no alien tokens to bring in?


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