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Warzone Terrain

firewolf's picture

What Terrain do you suggest, with it's unique style do you go with sci-fi, modern day?

Any company that / style that your typical buy from?

WARZONE The Way Kaal979 Did

Kaal979's picture

Dear PRODOS - have a look at this cool picture
which shows how toptable games can also look:

2.3 question

lordwar88's picture

i have a question about the stun mechanic.Model which is stunned gets autohit in cc but can he dodge? if yes ,then does he recover from stun cause he peform something other then "recover"action

Robert Feltordo, where to buy it

bestiaoscura's picture

Well, that's basically where I can buy it, apart from the edition that was taken out of the books (which I hope will update it to 2.3) and not leave me a money in it, thanks

Zenithian Sabretooth Slayers?

Kaal979's picture

Would ya mabye invent more funny and less disturbing monsters in future?
Me for example took it ages to invent a great mix with said SoulSlayers

SoR goes Solar System?

Kaal979's picture

Could ye dear PRODOS Games please throw up some
concepts and backgrounds for some Russian Space Troops?
I mean .. all regular MegaCorps have specialists for Dark


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