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Irish... YOU are the one missing the point here and that's people haven't got stuff they have PAID for 3 years ago and now they are releasing v2 before some have got anything from v1

If stuff hasn't been released yet that's a different matter but not getting anything from the original KS is bang out of order

Tell us, were you a backer and have you had your stuff?

phoenixman's picture

christ is this still going on.

i picked up the game almost 2 years ago in a wargame shop and some people STILL don't have their KS stuff

if that's true it's bloody scandalous and people having a go at someone who is rightly pissed off with having paid out money and not got anything is IMHO bang out of order as well

if the explanation above is true re Prodos won't send stuff if your pledge includes bits still waiting for a licence then that's just smoke and mirror bullshit that people hide behind so they don't supply backers

i see shops are still getting and selling core game boxes though

come on Prodos answer the persons emails and sort this shit out once and for all. perhaps this is why i can't remeber seeing another Prodos KS since AvP, as no-one would touch it with the proverbial shitty stick, i know i wouldn't

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