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i agree if there are issues which Prodos have no control over then these can cause delays, HOWEVER, a LOT of backers seem to have had their stuff which doesn't excuse Prodos in any way re those that haven't.

if there were issues from other companies causing non shipment NO-ONE would have had anything and that is clearly not the case.

so IMHO Prodos don't have a leg to stand on...

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Not sure. Last time we spoke about it he just said he was still waiting for stuff, but to be honest it doesn't matter what any backer is still waiting for as after three years every backer should have everything they paid for and especially as v2 is being pushed out

Just because we are gamers we shouldn't expect any different treatment than any other purchaser of goods

Don't you think it's shitty that if people have a go because they feel pissed at not having their pledges that they then get banned for saying as much

Just shows the sort of people they were dealing with from the start. Glad i missed the KS

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I don't use FB and have never had a FB account so i cant be banned from something i cant post on, so whoever they have banned it isn't me and if it is what a waste as i don't have FB account.

Would be funny if it wasn't tragic...

My friend got some stuff late last year but is still waiting for more to arrive. I bought retail and no the 'friend' isn't me.

One person on BoW post called Tasker re the Salute Predator reckons they are taking the piss, as backers still waiting.. 'nuff said' methinks

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here you go

read the first few pages then the last few just to get the general gist of the feelings. started almost 2 years ago and STILL people are posting on this, just like here because they have had NOTHING

the old site i am refering to was the old Prodos website and forum where they got hauled over the coals by backers about not getting stuff, games going to retail stores instead of backers, broken promises, failed deliveries, more broken promises, more failed deliveries, 'we've lost you in,our system, so we don't know your're a backer type s**t', broken promises again, smiling staff in xmas lunch pic whilst more broken promises...

do i need to go on or do you get the picture.... wonder why they took the old site down, put up a shiny new one but didn't transfer all the old forum posts over (or not that i see anyway)

the people who HAVE posted here look to me as if they HAVE repeatedly tried to contact PRODOS but with no success. read the first post from Aheldt, they say they have made many attempts to contact prodos with no contact back.

even yourself said you got no reply but got your few bits, well maybe they got no reply and no KS pledge because there wasn't any to send so they just didn't respond. who knows... oh yeah hang on Prodos know, but according to the people with no pledge, they aren't letting in on the secret of where the pledges are after all these years.

christ, you could have ordered the game, committed a crime, gone to jail, come out, and still NOT have anything to play

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The proof as i said before was on the old site plus take a look on the Beasts of War forums and you'll find a thread on there too with 55 pages of posts from disgruntled people etc.

I didn't say Prodos were malicious but they have been continuously called misleading at best and worse in some posts

Check out page 1 for someone commenting on Prodos selling retail to fund KS backers carriage costs

The latest posts are very recent. Read some and then reflect on them

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so you blame people directly for not getting something, who just like you and your friend handed over good money for PRODOS to send them the items when the KS was ready to ship. that attitude stinks, and it seems you are still firmly in the camp of 'sod you lot, i've got my stuff, so i'm alright'.

it was widely reported PRODOS sent games out to stores instead of KS backers because apparently they made an error on shipping costs, how long does this need to continue before everyone gets at least the core game, but more importantly, EVERYTHING they paid for UP FRONT.

plus, if you had bothered to read posts properly you will have read i bought my game RETAIL not via KS, but my friend did, who is still waiting for stuff, and a lot more than clear preds by the way.

i am commenting on this because i don't like gamers being ripped off (for want of a better phrase), period, whether myself or anyone else for that matter.

what companies like PRODOS forget is that without customers they are NOTHING. gaming isn't an essential necessity for life, and we spend what money we can afford on luxuries like boardgames and figures, and yes i do see them as a luxury as they don't help me live or exist day to day.

if companies piss off too many customers they simply fold and the people behind them lose their living, as well as the staff they employ, which is not good for anyone concerned and more importantly, their families.

when people spend money on a KS project they are fully aware of the risks, but to not get stuff 3 years on from when they should have, is a bit of a kick in the teeth for those concerned. this isn't me saying the 3 years thing, it's in posts from disgruntled backers, read them again and see what they are saying, and why they are angry

you mention the word 'abandoning' when in relation to backers, but that is exactly how they must feel when people such as yourself go on about what you have, and having to wait a month for missing pieces...

your posts come across as selfish and rude, and you do not help the cause of those that are still without their pledge. the people on here are asking for support, from PRODOS and people like yourself, that's all.

perhaps, instead of having a go at the people on here who want their stuff, why don't you also send an email to PRODOS, and post on threads like this, asking them to sort out other fellow gamers who PRODOS have yet to furnish with their paid for pledge rather than the direction your posts have gone previously.

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really, is that what you do.

from your posts here you seem to be telling people to 'get over it' and move on, which is rich coming from someone who has 99% of their stuff and as one poster said, being rude with it.

what you should be doing is empathising with those that have nothing. if you can't do that, please don't post anymore.

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Oh Irish, you do make me laugh,

you accuse me of running round like chicken little, when on some of the entries i have actually followed YOU on those threads as a poster, having a go at earlier entries from people, then you go on to say you have most of your stuff apart from the cloaked preds and your friend has ALL his stuff, yet you seem to be unsympathetic to those that after 3 LONG TORTUROUS YEARS they have NOTHING, NARDA, ZIP.

i bought the game in my local gaming store and then looked up the Prodos site to see if i wanted to get more stuff. when i saw the posts on the forum, which by the way was the old one not this new shiny site, i read that although i got the game 'retail' a lot of people had got nothing except broken promises and non deliveries. i then saw like a lot of others on another post that Prodos had stuck a picture of themselves having a 'well earned' xmas lunch at their premises, which again didn't go down to well with those people who had still to receive their PAID FOR pledges.

all the backers got from Prodos that xmas was a dose of very cold turkey...

no wonder Prodos took the old site down, bet it was embaressing for them and no wonder they aren't using KS anymore (or not that i've seen) as not many will touch them after this debacle

the backers then learnt that the reason it went to retail was apparently due to a 'miscalculation' of carriage costs to send KS pledges and the only way to fund further deliveries to KS backers was sell 'their' KS games as retail to get more money in, so in effect selling the game twice.

call me old fashioned if i think that's wrong, but surely taking something someone has paid for and then selling it elsewhere instead of sending it to someone who has handed over money for that item is in my opinion down right despicable.

after i bought my game i learnt that one of my gaming friends was caught up in this sorry mess, which is why i feel so strongly about it, and i think he may even still be waiting for quite a bit to arrive, unlike you and your friend.

now you say you have pre-ordered v2 and seem happy to share that, yet seem to have no empathy for those backers who have not a single mini to their name yet. i really hope you do get your pre-order but i still say it is wrong to sell v2 before all the KS backers have at least the v1 core game, which clearly isn't the case reading posts on this forum.

earlier you were called rude, i just think you are being unsympathetic and do not empathise with fellow gamers, as you clearly state they didn't respond to your missing pieces form but got them in under a month, trying thinking less about a few missing pieces for a month and try and imagine not getting a single thing for 3 years...

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if that's the case why does it say at the bottom of every page they are in Warwick?

another misleading piece of info.

wherever they are they are still not sorting people out whose money they have had for 3+ years. scandalous IMHO.

Commented on: AVP 2.0 minis
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it's Prodos who should be commenting on the KS issues and the 3 year wait some are experiencing.


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