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Hey everyone, probably a silly question but i was wondering if i could get some help understanding how Poison works. The way i understand it is that it requires the target to take a CON check instead of an A check, and the CON test is still modified by the strength of the weapon.
This is where i get a bit confused as when Dr Diana Clone uses the poison on her CC weapon she is hitting with a strength of 13 overall which seems a little OP when it comes to the constitution check. Any help would be useful, thanks!

Commented on: Question about Waves?
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So, a little followup for this for anyone who is interested:

I haven't actually started statting anything out yet, but I have found a few substitutes I'm hoping to convert for different units.

I've actually been looking at several possibilities for custom figures for the game. Some of what I have come across since the last time I posted:

For the Predator Hunting Bike:
I was thinking I'd start with a head swap. From there, I was thinking of placing a running board and handle that would allow additional passengers to hold on (The book says it can carry two passengers.) then maybe make some kind of addition to the front of the vehicle to make it look more appropriate to the predators. On the grounds that the books and comics imply a wide range of build styles for their vehicles, I figure if there's ever an official model made for this game, I'll still be able to make use of these.

For a Berserker Unit/Exosuit:
I think its going to be a little on the small side, but it looks closer than most anything else I could find online and is by far the most cost efficient way to add them to my army. I'm kind of torn on whether or not they should fit on a 40mm or 50mm base, but on the grounds that the Power Loader is listed as a "Medium" base and the Exosuit is listed as a "Large" base in the Unleashed book, I think the larger base size is probably correct in this case. Also, I'm still considering if I should do some kind of head swap. From the pictures I've seen online, they look similar sized to the Predators over the Human models, so at least they look to be on a similar scale to the power loader.

Surfing on the internet, I saw something that came as a surprise. Someone had taken a Alien Warrior model and painted it. (Picture above is the one I found, I have not yet tried to make my own this way.) The head ridges all got painted in shades of green, with the rest of the model being painted the normal black. It looks nice enough that I'll be trying something similar in an effort to put together a couple of small units of spitters. Best part is that if an official model is ever released I can keep the models that way to use as a unique Warrior unit later.

In addition to that, there are a couple of miniature makers online who have alternate Predator models. They're in 28mm, which looks kind of small against the others, but they do offer some nice alternates to the existing models if you want to add some variety to your army/have alternate models for use as rarer units that don't already have their own models. HorrorClix has several Predators which fit the 32mm size. The Predastore (No Predator models currently on their site, but you can still find a few of their limited edition models online) has an incredible range of models, but unfortunately they are 28mm which makes them look pretty small beside the Prodos versions. (There are other model ranges too, but they are all either much larger, or the quality is kind of meh.)

The "Capitol" range of miniatures for WarZone has a lot of models that look like they could act as Mercenaries, or a couple of them might even work as Marine Heavy Support models.

I think the model I am most anxious to find a proxy for is Hurk Mondo (From the comis: Alien: Colonial Marines, Mondo Pest, Mondo Heat.) which I intend to put together some unique stats for, and also to use as a Heavy Support model. Been looking around ebay, but still haven't found anything close yet.

Anyone else come up with ideas for either substitute models for things that don't already have an official model, or customs?

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Yes he can, he has it in his equipment. There are similar cases: Max Steiner and Screaming Devil have booby/gas traps in their equipment, but no specific rules for them - so they use trap stats from Venusian Rangers/Crimson Devils.

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Yes, they can. Characters are also considered squads.

First sentence in the Squad rules (page 14 of the PDF):

A ‘squad’ can consist of one model, such as a character, or a number of models.


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