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Commented on: Morbid Video Games
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"Sexy" glossy style also not undesirable.

Commented on: Morbid Video Games
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Find someone who takes the original DOOMTROOPERS

for Genesis or Famicom game to produce a remaster?

But ... dont touch the levels - all what should be done is

doubling the pixelation of the characters and enemies plus

equip them with up-to-date animations and details and voila

- Mutant Chronicles even more is again resurrected!!!

Commented on: Morbid Video Games
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A few things about videogames and their preferability:
> players dont like to have too many camera possibilities
> players want huge characters regardless of possible screen size
> players want to invite friends to play together on one screen
> players always prefer relaxing tactics gameplay
> players like good 2d graphics way more than cheap 3d
> players like such games which they can proudly present
> players dont like cheap lights

Commented on: Morbid Video Games
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This turn-based game is soo great - you can play it
with up to four friends or even coop all fron one screen!


I can also recommend Blood Bowl
- turn based for the win .. .

Commented on: Warzone Terrain
Commented on: Warzone Terrain
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Imagine H-0 model railway tables - you could tell your wife and kids
its pacifical and secretly play WZR on it and even more since the figure scale
is oversized its extremely cool!


Other than that its actually quite great
to have simple foldable carboard ruins.

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Just a heads up about the new multipart marines. The sculpts and castings are superb as always. However, if you're looking for movie accurate marines or the Hicks/Hudson look, you might be disappointed. Although the arm choices are extensive, most of them have long sleeves on them. The one set of short sleeve arms with pulse rifle isn't forward firing, but in a downward pointing pose. The short sleeve flamethrower arms don't have the shoulder pads. And 3 out of 5 legs don't have the groin protector. I like variety in my figures, but would have preferred some bare heads and shotgun arms with uniforms more accurate to the movie. My intent for this set was to make a Hudson figure either firing (last stand) or with motion tracker, but neither is possible( motion tracker arms have long sleeves). There is a cool grenade thrower pose that I'll be using and with some heavy customizing and converting, this set can definitely be put to good use.

Commented on: Morbid Video Games
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Btw. - when it comes to ultimate relaxation in
a hexfield wargame there only one which is THE must-have:
Not only does it have stunning graphics and animations but see yourself!

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Hello, I've start to make mine with the card picture from the pdf rule book.

I've stat to make a4 ref for each army ( 1 for each entry and 1 for each weapon )


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