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Anyone else have FAQ that they suggest making it into an AvP rules update?

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I think a lot of the size argument stems from the bases themselves. If you sit something under the 2nd edition figures from the starter to make the base sit level with the traditional bases then they aren't too bad height wise. I think the only real complaint I have related to size is that the gun itself for the smartgunner is smaller than the original.

About two thirds of the way down the page you can see some good side by side pictures with the newer models propped up so the bases are level. Not a perfect match, but not really bad eiher:

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I'd be inclined to play it as only affect abilities that require resources to play since it says RES(+2). I read the +2 as meaning +2 on what you already are spending. And since passives don't need resources spent on them, the spend RES(+2) doesn't apply. If it said RES(2) to use an ability maybe that would mean all abilities, but making someone pay to use passives is a biggie, and I think it would specifically mention that it affects passives if that was the case.

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I think this would also affect passive skills (as no exceptions are mentioned). There's also a BH card that blocks abilities and it is commonly interpreted that it blocks passive skills too so I'd interpet Silence the same way.

Just remember that Silence also affects friendly models so this really is a double-edged sword

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I juste open my 2 box, and the smartgunner have is left arm realy tini :(
From first edition : miniature are to smaller (

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Bottom line: Prodos are still holding money and product from paying customers. Everyone forgets that Pre-Order customers are people who came in after a successful Kickstarter campaign and made a purchase based on that, as I have done. We were not investors and we were not gambling our money. We were paying for a product to be delivered as advertised. This means complete, as described, and within the timeframe specified.

I am missing products, being told that what I purchased is out of date and I will have to spend more money to get items which were to be included from the beginning, and products I own are not as described (chiefly the sergeant, who is out of scale). None of this is being addressed and communication has been atrocious.

As I am not a Kickstarter Backer, I do not receive notifications about the projects or products Prodos is working on. I instead have to sift through forums and social media, none of which are remotely helpful. When I finally come across relevant information/discussion, it typically comes back as "spend more money to get what is owed to you" or "we don't know."

At this rate, I just want a phone number so that I can actually speak to the individuals who seem to not understand "bait-and-switch is illegal and that is what this is." I don't want to give you more money for a rulebook which was supposed to be in my core game. I do not want to BUY A RULES SET which alters the core game mechanics and stats to the point that rebasing miniatures (or further purchase of miniatures) is required.

I also deeply resent that a European company is offering EXCLUSIVE items to attendees to the conventions which they are at, rather than using those resources to deliver to customers worldwide who are still waiting on their promised goods. I live in the USA and cannot attend anything in any overseas conventions. I can't even afford the conventions in my own country.

Stop pandering for more money, deliver what was promised, make good on the deals still due, and you might regain the business of the customers (not backers/investors) you have driven away.

Oh, and thanks for the apology letter and the coupon for products I don't intend to buy as a consolation prize.

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just a pathetic moment in a prodos backer life : as they've sent a mail about ESSEN i've asked to send my missing stuffs (cloaked minis and resin tiles)
answer : some of them are my question is simple
if they were available, why didn't they send them to me?
why do i have to ask them to send my stuffs?
why didn't they send me available stuffs?
why the fuck is it so hard to get my pledge if everything was produced?

Commented on: prodos exchange scheme
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No, I don't receive notifications. I'm "Pre-order scum" and missed the KS but managed to get in on the pre-order (so no backer notifications) with the same pledge levels and everything (except notifications).

Everything, including the grief.

Rules have updated and I still don't have the initial wargame rules that were supposed to be shipped with the original game. Cards and characters have been updated and I'm being told by a Prodos representative (via FACEBOOK, of all things) that they offer an exchange and I can buy the things that were promised at the start.

I also cannot get anyone to address the fact that the sergeants are about a head shorter that the rest of the marines and on a different scale entirely. I get "they're special units with their own purpose." I know. It's why I bought them: to marshal my squad into fighting shape and keep them in line, not stand beside them like cigar-smoking teenagers who are trying to fit in with the "cool kids."

And this nonsense about a whole second edition of the rules with new figures cast in single pieces? I didn't pay for that!

Where are our multi-pose marines and our cloaked predators? Heck, where are my wargame rules that I was supposed to get in January of 2015?

Maybe spamming the exchange address will get some kind of reply besides "buy more, get less."

Also, finally replying to this thread because a bump might raise awareness that Prodos still aren't delivering.

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Thanks I am trying to figure out a second army to play against, cybertronic seemed like the easiest idea to paint, and I like the idea of the clash between imperial and Cybertonic.

You'll have to take a picture of your Army and let us see it with this painting.

Assur's picture

I don't have Imperial but I painted my Cybertronic using a lot of paints from the paint set you're speaking of. I used greenskin as the main colour for armour and uniforms (I didn't paint camouflage on it for my Cybers, but it would look good on Imperials), that light-brown paint for leather elements and some weapon parts. Quickshade wash I find good for skin and light colours (it's brownish), so I also bought Citadel black wash to darken armour, weapons and uniforms.


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