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Berzerk UT ScreenShots:



​​​​​​​(Open in new tab for fullsize!)

Commented on: Ava Indigo Jasco
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Sorry, but You dont understeand what I write.

completly assembled models, are Ok, but I have big request: PLEASE DONT MAKE MODELS COMPLETLY WITH BASES

So I understeand completly assembled models, but please don't tell me that sticking model to the base take that loot of time. If someone says that, that is, in my opinion, a lazy. Models making completly with their bases are misundersteandings. Sticking model to their bases takes a lot less time (about 10 - 20 seconds), than good painting it in some areas when it is on the base (many mintus, or even impossible).

Commented on: Ava Indigo Jasco
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Actually I can't agree with you. Having one-piece models in unicast technology saves me a lot of time as they require no assembly and are immediately ready to play. Yeah, there's less variety for available poses and painting might be a bit more difficult in some areas, but that's something I can survive. In exchange I don't have to waste time on gluing stuff.

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Commented on: AVP Shot Question.
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I don't know if there is an official ruling on it or not, but my gaming group has always treated it as one or two tiles.

Commented on: SoR goes Solar System?
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Werid - but i just found this thread about some russian(?) Unreal
project where our system gets left for habitation of new planets!
Sorta fits the above topic and offers new perpectives.

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If this wording has not been done intentionally to prohibit lone characters from entering transports, its pretty much nonsential.
And the sad part is that we won't get official answers...?

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Good catch! I haven't noticed it before, but it seems you're right about characters in transports.


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