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Kaal979's picture

The perverted Alien characters allow for a wide variety of "adult"
scenarios as can be seen in many 3d artworks around the web ... .

Kaal979's picture

What? Everybody "likes" WAR!!!
Once you became the new WolfBane emperor
to saw hordes of dragon zombies with the hi-technotized
DaethLockDrum - your soul surely got kratachached.
(.. must make THIS artwork next then .. mm ..)

Kaal979's picture

Not bad all those vehicles!
Only dont they appear abit ... oversized?
Shouldnt actually the trooper figures dominate a tabletop scene?
Btw. always the figures on pictures are shown from a side
while normally players have to view them from above!
Further dices are always too big and cant be rolled on the table somehow.
Other than that all shown stuffs are quite impressive - keep it up!

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