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sh's picture

Interesting Game! I like this game very much. If it really worth it I hope, seen that I am one of those who took the rubber product manufacturer for new addition.

Darth_Fraggle's picture

I actually like them for AVP. It is kind of a board/miniature game hybrid, or a gateway drug if you prefer. Having the models already assembled with bases cuts some of the barrier to entry for folks unfamiliar with miniature wargaming. Warzone, on the other hand, I'm not a big fan of molded on bases. WZR is more of the "complete hobby" miniature game and having to try and saw models off of their base so that they can match my preference for basing is a pain. Prodos, this is all just my opinion, but would it hurt to check with your loyal fanbase to see if we have a vocal minority who dislikes molded on bases?

GateKeeper's picture

I personally thought the new unicasts were hit and miss. I really liked the large pipe on the one miniature. The one with the Warrior crouched over some smaller pipes looked nice, but the other three while decent felt a little uninspired. Regardless, they seem to be of the same quality of the miniatures in the second edition starter box, so overall I'm pretty happy with it. I got one box of the unicast warriors the other day just to see how they look, I'll be adding more of them to my collection.

Veldrain's picture

The new aliens are actually just bad. They work and look good for a boardgame but looks wise they utterly fail for a minature game. To really push the game you have to design them for both.

Just because you can mold a model onto a scenic base does not mean it is always a good idea.

GateKeeper's picture

Its a real shame that anyone would pull such a terrible stunt. That said, commemorating the event in such a manner is kind of awesome. Way to keep it classy Prodos! I've added the Rob Yourstand miniature to my wishlist and hope to add it to my collection soon. Only shame about the mini is the lack of card listed with its item listing. The special card/rules download is nice though.

Looking forward to adding some Unicast miniatures to my election too!

Vault Dweller's picture

Hi Guys,
this are really cool news. Already preordered a copy for me. But I have some questions:
- I would like to have the figures of the Collectors bundle (the three witch are not in the Essen Bundle), will also have them in German language and sell them as "small" Bundle?
- Can I preorder the single cast Predalian also?
- Can I preorder the other add ons (in German) to or is there no special preorder or fair price for them?
- Will the German Versions of the add ons hit retail (or will it be possible to order them in your shop)?

Thanks in advance for answering my questions and see you at Essen.

Greetings from the Vault.

phoenixman's picture


it's one thing taking pre-orders for V2 but have you sent all the original KS backers there stuff yet from V1?

can you advise what teh state of play is with this

GateKeeper's picture

That's a bummer, but still good to know. Guess my APCs get to sit next to my Dropships on the shelf.

Gacu666's picture

I've got word from Prodos (on FB page somewhere) that in fact they do not fit.

GateKeeper's picture

Not sure if this is common or not but I made a pretty substantial order recently, and received one of these models with the order (No T-shirt, but was so happy about the model that I'm not worried about it). Nabbed two "All In Alien" sets to get my xenomorph army to a comparable size to my other armies (Point wise) along with a hand full of other items. The model is every bit as impressive as the image implies. The model has become my single favorite model among my Predator army.


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