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Mispacked or Damaged Products

 When you purchased a Prodos Games product that was missing a component or was somehow damaged please use this form. Please make sure that your part requests are accurate and as much detailed as possible.

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Contacting Prodos Games

All general enquires should be directed through this form. Use this when you want to offer us some feedback on our products or services.

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Retailer Support

Use this when you are a store that has questions or needs assistance with our product or you have questions about our newsletter or order form.

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Convention and Crusaders Support

Use this when you would like support for a convention/event or you want to join our Crusaders Program.

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Site Issues

Use this when you are having trouble with any of our websites. This includes our webpage, forum, and our online store.

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3D Design and 3D Printing solutions

Use this if you have question or inquiry about our 3D Design or Printing solutions.

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