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April AVP releases

Long time awaited add-ons are finally here!

We are happy to announce that we release new Alien Versus Predator The Hunt Begins add-ons that will please movie fans specially. Without further redo, let us introduce you to new miniatures.


Too young to be adult hunter, too old to not to try. Every Yautja needs to prove himself among other clan members as a skillful fighter before can become a respected warrior. Every Young Blood goes through same rite of passage - marking itself by acidic blood of a killed Xenomorph. Many die trying, but those who succeed are recognized as equals by other clan members.

Straight from the Alien Versus Predator movie comes a new squad of Predators. Each of them is a different miniature and unique by design. Almost all are Single Pieced miniatures with no assembly required.




The Facehugger is terrifying parasitoid who’s only purpose is to implant an embryo in victim's body by attaching itself to its mouth. While its strong tail and bony finger-alike limbs grip your throat, all you want is to grasp for air. That's your last mistake you will ever make. When creature gets inside your body, it will turn you into a Xenomorph's host.

Absolute classic monster from horror and sci-fi genre - the infamous Facehugger is available now as an add-on to core AVP The Hunt Begins game. Miniatures are Single Piece ones, that means no assembly is required.




Automatic and mathematically efficient - that's what matters most when it comes to automated Sentry Guns. They can be placed anywhere in matter of few minutes and will keep firing at terrifying rate with inhuman accuracy until there is no movement in their line of sight. If you are not friendly - you are dead.

These famous robot sentry from the "Aliens" movie is finally available for AVP players as an add-on. Automated gun nests can be placed anytime, in any place, which extends the game in whole new direction.



You can pre-order new add-ons at your favorite FLGS or on our webshop. Release date for all of new add-ons is 29th of April.


PredatorYoungBlood's picture

love the Young Bloods design and cant wait to get the Iconic sentry guns ^^

Jeekay's picture

I really like the designs, but I'm more curious if I will ever get what I payed for!
I backed AvP through KS, but I still haven't gotten anything! Its a bloody shame.

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