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AvP September Releases

This month belong to Predators again!

One of the most complicated models to assemble for AVP were the Predator Hellhounds. Since then we have impoved our technology and created UniCast. Time to put this technology to use.


Predator Hellhounds UniCast

17.00 GBP for 2 UniCast miniatures

No assembly needed this time - just throw them a bone. Release date is 13th of October 2018.

Click to Pre-OrderGerman Version

Female Predator

In the main board game rulebook you will find an entry for the "Female Warrior with Stick". Time to put some meat on those bones, with UniCast of course.


Female Predator UniCast

20.00 GBP for 1 UniCast miniature

This lady knows how to take care of herself. Release date is 13th of October 2018.

Click to Pre-OrderGerman Version

Chester The Cat and Community Contest

This month's bonus pre-order miniature is something really unique. We have teased it a bit a while ago on our Facebook profile. It's a cat inspired by Jonesy from the  Alien Franchise. Unlike the original, this is cat's got some claws, as he is going to receive his own gamemode/mission, which you are going to design. We have created a miniature, and our Rules Design Team is eager to work with your ideas. Propose a gamemode/mission with Chester and send it to You have until  the 13th of Octrober when this little fur ball will be released. This gives you 3 weeks to come up with some crazy ideas. The winner will receive one of the Faction-specyfic bundles (Marine/Predator/Alien), runner ups get also extra gifts.


Chester The Cat Pre-Order bonus miniature

Free with every pre-order

Every Female Predator/Predator Hellhounds UniCast Pre-Order gets Chester for free! Release date is 13th of October 2018.

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GateKeeper's picture

Really loving some of these unique models you've been releasing recently. Specemen 6 was a nice addition to the game, Rob Yourstand was both comical and fun to play with, Chester could be a lot of fun too depending on how you stat the figure. Here's hoping for a Herk Mondo in our future.

Seriously though, we need some spitters, Lynn and Dutch (Non-kickstarter exclusive versions), and as many of these neat little uniques you're able to make for us. Loving the game and having a blast collecting all the models I want.

PS: Sent in some entries for the contest. It's going to be fun to see what everyone comes up with.

Mycha's picture

I hoped for something from new Predator movie, yep some people didn't like it but new Predator tribe and thier design should be consider as great addition to the whole lore.
But let's talk about new design for hellhounds, as lover of unicast I'm happy of new unicast but I'm a little bit concerned with their look. Yep they look much more heavier and stable, but also much more comic book like and not in good way. I feel that this may change a little bit a tone of the game, especially that You already released new USCM with such comedic look, a unicast officer also had such a look but I've considered it as acceptable in badass way, please don't go with this style too much.
I'm happy that I can sell my organs and have another great minis from You, have a good day and please reconsider Your designe style.

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