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Cheyenne Dropship is landing

Cheyenne Dropship is landing


After months of development iconic vehicle is available to order!


One of the most famous vehicles from "Alien" universe is Cheyenne Dropship from "Aliens" movie. Huge and bulky, yet versatile and agile - Dropship is prime example why USCM Marines are force to reckon with. Armed with heavy weaponry capable of removing any kind of a threat on the ground is a must have for every Marines squad when dealing with all kind of threats - including extraterrestrial ones.


Cheyenne Dropship is a scaled replica of VTOL from "Aliens" movie. It's the biggest model ever created by Prodos Games. Designed and manufactured entirely by us matches perfectly AVP miniatures' scale. It's over 40 centimeters long and 25 centimeters wide. Total weight of a miniature is over 1.3 kilograms.


The Dropship is packaged in wooden box to make sure it can sustain even most harsh shipping conditions. Each one is unique, each one has its own special number tagged on. No two identical Dropship exist, each one is made to order.


Every Dropship can be assembled in two variants - with weapon pods deployed or not. If they are deployed, the width of model increases even more.


This product is available right now at our webshop and at every boardgame/miniature show Prodos Games attends to. Cheyenne Dropship is made to order, with shipping time maximum of 4 business days. Click the image below to order your Dropship from our webstore:


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