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Pre-Orders for Warzone 2.0 January Releases start now!

Classic vehicle is back

This month's releases belong to Mishima, Bauhaus and Wolfbanes.

Bauhaus Strike Skimmer

19.18 USD 14.99 GBP 18.80 EUR

Borne of the simple defensive necessity caused by the omnipresent threat of aggressive incursion by Capitolian forces into the Bauhausian swamp territories on Venus, the Strike Skimmer is perfectly suited to the semi-aquatic environments of its inception. The machine is as crude as it is functional, consisting of nothing more than an armoured hull, an over-powered propeller, and mounted weaponry..

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Mishima Shadow Walkers

17.90 USD 13.99 GBP 17.50 EUR

A rumour persists across the Solar System of a group of black clad assassins who dwell in the shadows. These Shadow Walkers hunt down their targets silently and without mercy before disappearing back into the darkness. Only death is left in their wake. Some say there is more to this rumour than myth alone.

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Wolfbane Headhunters

19.18 USD 14.99 GBP 18.80 EUR

From among the most bloodthirsty warriors of the Wolfbanes come the axe-wielding Headhunters. Relative outcasts of Wolfbane society, they tend to stick to those with similar sick interests and disposition. Few would choose to spend time with them anyway!

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All items are availible for pre-order at your local gaming store or at our Webshop. We start shipping new products 22nd of January.


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