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Warzone 2.0 Open Beta incoming

Long awaited update of our rules goes into public beta soon

What Warzone 2.0 is and what it is not

Warzone 2.0 is a new set of rules for existing game. It's aimed at more streamlined gamplay, less cryptic ruleset and making Warzone more dynamic overall. New set of rules is designed for existing models and units. Transition of your current army to new ruleset will be smooth and won't require new models in order to play.

What kind of features are planned?

When it comes to more specific aspects of Warzone 2.0's rules, we have several improvements in development.

  • faster, smoother Turn sequences resulting in quicker games
  • removal of base sizes and base special attacks - now each model has a Size modifier
  • armour stat has been increased by 10 - you now simply subtract the Strength of the attack to find the Armour Save you have to roll
  • vehicles are now statted the same as Infantry - no more AV/AVV
  • RoF and RoA have been combined into RoA
  • added DEF to close combat allowing for more dynamic close combat
  • changes to Terrain modifiers
  • condensed Card Deck - 40 unique dual-purpose cards, 3 of the same cards each per play deck
  • removal of Squad Special Actions and CC special actions
  • Cover modifier has changed (1 cover type)
  • no more warlords / lords, just "heroes"
  • there will be a new mission portfolio (some were unbalanced for tournament play)
  • turn 1 and 2 have serious deployment restrictions (RD / Infiltrate)
  • more deployment options (stalk, flank deployment)
  • restructuring of the rulebook
  • removed negative armour modifier for armour
  • free pivot action at start of model activation
  • revamped and more meaningful actions
  • got rid of weapon ammo types
  • changes in terminology to make things clear

Join Open Beta

If you want to check out new rule set, all you need is to subscribe to our newsletter on our Web Shop.


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