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Warzone June Releases

Long awaited Fenris Bikes are here!

You can preorder now 3 new units for Warzone Resurrection! We start shipping those 6th of June and since today pre-orders are open in our webshop and through our retailers and distributors. Without further redo, let us show you what we got planned for next weeks.


5 models. RRP 13.99 GBP / 17.50 EURO / 22.38 USD


1 model. RRP 14.99 GBP / 18.80 EURO / 23.98 USD


3 models. RRP 24.99 GBP / 31 EURO / 39.99 USD

To pre-order them now from Prodos Games, just visit our webshop


Feralzen's picture

Wow! All in one go!
-Visionaries look cool!
-Vince Diamond is a must have for my Cyber army!
-Fenris bikes I'm not so sure. They seem to lack some detail. I seem to think "Lawnmower man" when I see them.

altasmurf's picture

Nice job on the visionaries, it would have been easy to be over the top with them. Vince diamond looks BA. The bikes however look a little to goofy for me, but hey everyone like different things.

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