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Ava Indigo Jasco

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On the beggining sorry for my english.

I just get my package with Ava and I very disapointed... I understeand, that some people are too lazy to asembled models to their game, and thus PG making some models in one part. OK. These models are very good making, very detailed, and so on. But model which is making in one piece with base is big understeanding and disapointed for me. Sticking the model to their base is not hard work. But good painting model with base, is in some places impossible. I first painting model, and sticking it to the base at the end, after completly painting. But now I cannot do this. If someone is too lazy to sticking model to the base, then not should be play in this, and any other game.

Many people buy models not only for game but for model itself. Ava is great model, but... now it is toy for child :( I cannot painting it detailed like I want. I buy loot models not only to play in some game but for model itself. And I think, that not only I. Many years ago Rackham company beggining making models to their game completly and painting. Becouse people are too lazy to asembled and painting models. And this was a begging end this game and company. Now Conrontation is only a memory. So I think, that if someone is too lazy to assembled models, it will be too lazy to play too. But like I say, completly assembled models, are Ok, but I have big request: PLEASE DONT MAKE MODELS COMPLETLY WITH BASES. I think that is not only my request (please).

I greet


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Actually I can't agree with you. Having one-piece models in unicast technology saves me a lot of time as they require no assembly and are immediately ready to play. Yeah, there's less variety for available poses and painting might be a bit more difficult in some areas, but that's something I can survive. In exchange I don't have to waste time on gluing stuff.

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Sorry, but You dont understeand what I write.

completly assembled models, are Ok, but I have big request: PLEASE DONT MAKE MODELS COMPLETLY WITH BASES

So I understeand completly assembled models, but please don't tell me that sticking model to the base take that loot of time. If someone says that, that is, in my opinion, a lazy. Models making completly with their bases are misundersteandings. Sticking model to their bases takes a lot less time (about 10 - 20 seconds), than good painting it in some areas when it is on the base (many mintus, or even impossible).

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