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Salute 2018 with Prodos Games

Visiting London this week?

Prodos Games is  happy to announce our participation in Salute 2018 Event in London. It's our 5th time we participate in this trade show, and this year we are also present. Our booth number is TE21 and we are waiting for you there!

New AvP Releases

All of the new AvP releases are going to be available at the stand. This includes Alien King!

AvP Limited Miniatures

Making purchase on our stand? Make sure you ask our crew about limited minis and how to get them!


Stand TE21 is where the alien wild things live!



GrimKnight's picture

It's a shame you can't buy those limited minis individually.

GateKeeper's picture

Very nice. I've managed to get my hands on all of the limited minis so far through one method or another except the Hamelet pose (Last Predator holding the skull) I'll have to look into getting one of those, it looks awesome! In a perfect world I'll see one thrown in with my latest order. ;)

GrimKnight's picture

Hey GateKeeper what's the one with the egg supposed to be?

GateKeeper's picture

Its a xenomorph egg with a dragon bursting out of it.

Its a nice little mini, but it doesn't make it on to my table since its not lore friendly.

GrimKnight's picture

Wait! It comes with rules? Does the Redcoat Predator come with rules?

GateKeeper's picture

No rules with any of them (I'd love to see them with unique piece rules) but I use them as proxies. The redcoat for example is frequently fielded as an Elder in our games.

GrimKnight's picture

Thanks and shame eh?

GateKeeper's picture

Yeah, I always thought it was a shame that they didn't provide everything you need to field them on your table.

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