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All good things come to an end.

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So it would seem that Aliens Vs Predator has come to a premature end. This is a game that I have loved for the last couple of years, I have literally hundreds of models, and the prospect of more on the horizon always brightened my day.

I think the thing that saddens me most about the game being discontinued is that they never even got around to creating models for all of the ones they created stats for in the rulebook.

I for one intend to keep all of my models, even going so far as to watch for a few of them cheap in the future (I REALLY wanted more eggs, and Spitters.) I had even managed to pick up a couple of extra starters and a few other models for my kids when they are old enough to play. And who knows, maybe someone else will pick up the license and do a similar scale so the models are compatible, or perhaps I'll be able to do something with a 3d printing machine.

So, how about the rest of you? Any big plans for the game as we find ourselves cut adrift? Staying with the game? Alternate models? Calling it quits?


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I'm new in the game, yet I managed to buy some models and I'm going to keep playing and keep painting - the game and the models are too good to be left alone.

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Just poked my nose over to Miniatures Market. Looks like they still have a few items for the game in stock. I managed to order the Alien Eggs I wanted through them! That still leaves me with a few models I still want (I'd love to get my hands on about another 10 Spitters to double the number I currently have, want a couple of official Berserkers, and Dutch and Lynn.) But at least the extra egg clusters is a big step in the right direction.

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Well, I managed to find two more of the expansion box on ebay which put me at 20 Spitters. Got the last two and at a pretty fair price, so that pleases me to no end.

Picked up a box of the Purple Shark models from Prodos' discontinued Mutant Chronicles line and plan to convert them into Predator Bikes. It looks like the pilots are part of the main portion of the model, but I think I can cut them off at the waist and replace them with a predator without too much trouble (I have several sets of the starter box, so I'm going to see what I can do with one set of those models.)

I also managed to find some Alien Eggs over on Miniature Market pretty cheap, so snagged some more of those.

I still need to find a copy of Dutch and Linn, and a couple of Berserker models, but I'm starting to wonder if I shouldn't just head over to HeroForge and see if I can't create proxies for the first two, and the Berserkers I may end up just having to make due with some subtle repaints.

There was a Predator Gunship over on ebay the other day, I've seen one posted a couple of times now. I think I'll need to squirrel away a bit of money and try to snag one of those when I see it again so I can field a gunship on the table.

Other than that, I've got a ton of custom models I want to put together. It's starting to look like this game is going to turn into a labor of love to get everything I hope to add to the collection.

Also, if no one else noticed, there's a new Aliens miniature game coming out (Wont say more than that since I don't know what Prodos' stance on sharing that kind of information is, but head over to Game Board Geek and search for Aliens and it should be pretty easy to find.) that looks like it's going to be pretty close in size. I'll be picking that one up when it comes out and giving it a try. I really like the Prodos game, so unless the new one blows me away, I'll likely convert models as needed to work with this game rather than the other way around.

And while I'm at it: Thank you to everyone who has shared images of their models around here over the last couple of years. I've enjoyed seeing them, and in several cases, I've drawn inspiration from them. I still hope to get some pictures of my stuff eventually to share, there's quite a bit, but I need to finish building a few items before I can get complete army pictures. I'll likely post them as one last Hurrah before signing out for a final time around here.

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Received my final order from Prodos today. Was happy to see it arrive, but saddened to know this would be the last order I would receive for this game.

The eggs look fantastic. And both models of Machiko look really good.

When I had made the order, I accidentally added a special edition Machiko to the order without realizing I was getting a free one already. When I realized the mistake, it was too late to do anything about it, and my knee jerk reaction was that I was going to get another of the regular edition so I could put one of each into my kids' collection since that was the only way I expected to be getting the extra card for it. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Predator edition came with a card of it's own while the regular edition had both cards included.

In addition to all of that, I found two more copies of the Hot Landing box pretty cheap along with a few other items that should be coming in over the next few days. I want to get everything assembled (Got a bunch of hell hounds that I still need to build, some alien Warriors, and a couple of custom jobs to do still.) then I'll be taking some pictures of my completed armies. When that happens, I'll be sure to share.

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