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"One last mission" Clearance Sale

You asked for it, and we still got some stock left, let's do this.

Our April's Clearance Sale was the end of AvP product line. We had a massive amount of orders at that time. Still, we got more stock not sold, and you have asked for one more opportunity to collect your favorite miniatures. Hence second Clearance Sale, the one has codenamed "One last mission". To make it worthwhile for your waiting, we have decided to add some bonuses to orders. Yes, few new minis included!


Major Dutch Schaefer and Lieutenant Linn Kurosawa UniCast Miniatures set

One of the unreleased HQ units from both board game and Unleashed wargame is famous cyborg, Major Dutch Schaefer. He is part of our Clearance Sale as a bonus miniature to every purchase of 55  GBP or more. He comes in a pack with another AVP cyborg, Lieutenant Linn Kurosawa. Both models are ready to be used in the game out-of-the-box!

Major Dutch Schaefer and Lieutenant Linn Kurosawa UniCast Miniatures set

Free with every 55GBP and more purchase

Both miniatures are UniCast and come with their ping tokens and stat cards.

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"One Last Mission" Diorama

Since this is for sure last ever sale of AvP - we have decided to celebrate it in a special way. Each 75 GBP or more purchase gets special anniversary Diorama miniature.

"One last mission" Diorama

Free with every 75GBP and more purchase

Yes, this promo combines with Schaefer/Kurosawa bonus as well!

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Limited Models available

You asked for it as well. All of our special models released through years for various conventions or pre-order bonuses are also available for purchase as a single product. That includes Alternate Alien Warriors!

AvP Limited Minis

Various prices

Cherry-pick what you want!

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AvP Promo Cards Pack

Ours AvP Game Designers still have some ideas. We have compressed them in a form of additional Environment and strategy cards for a board game. Every order gets this for free.

AvP Promo Card pack

Free with every purchase

Have with with extras!

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GateKeeper's picture

Very nice! Seeing a Dutch and Lynn model brings me unspeakable joy. They're the only models for the game that I didn't have an acceptable proxy for at this point in time.

Ordered up some last minute stuff, trying to pick up a couple of models I figure will be difficult to find in the future. My biggest regret right now is that I don't have more money I can drop on the game. Would love to drop two more orders big enough to pick up a set of Dutch and Lynn for both of my sons.

Prodos: If any of you are reading this, thank you. Sincerely, this is among my favorite tabletop games. It has brought me countless hours of joy and it was even the game I used to introduce my kids to tabletop miniatures games. Thank you for this one last chance to pick up a few last minute models. This game will be a staple in my home for many years to come, and it breaks my heart a little bit to know that our journey has reached it's end. (I'm secretly hoping we see a "Clearance sale" once a month for another year or two. ;) Even though I know that is incredibly unlikely.) And most of all, thank you for all the memories. We'll keep making new memories as hobbyists, as fans of the AvP franchise, and as gamers, . . . . even though we'll likely never get to experience the joy of seeing a new model for the game again.

Best wishes to all of you at Prodos.

Walter_31564F's picture

Hello Prodosgames,

Regarding the Major Dutch Schaefer and Lieutenant Linn Kurosawa UniCast Miniatures set, would it be possible for me to order a 2nd and 3rd set of these miniatures individually and separately from you?

I've already placed an order earlier and one set of them are included automatically because I have met the spend a minimum of £55 on one purchase.

However, I would also like to order a 2nd and 3rd set of Dutch and Linn separately if possible?

I even tried using the "Compare" function to click on "Add to Cart" button in the Compare items page to try and add a 2nd set and your website would not permit it.

At this time I presume that your current off is restricted and limited to only one set per customer that made a minimum order and purchase of £55 (about $70 USD).

But then why and how come you list their price at £25.00 here?:

[url=]Dutch Schaeffer and Linn Kurosawa Bonus Set[/url]

At first I thought that your offer for this special set of miniatures meant that for every £55 I spent on an order would meant I would receive another set.

E.G. Spend £110 pounds worth of purchase and automatically receive a 2nd set and £165 worth of purchase to automatically receive a 3rd set and so on.

I also would love to have a second and 3rd set of the AvP Promo Card pack as well. If you were wondering why? Well it's just in case my only set become lost, stolen or damaged. And since you plan on discontuing the complete production of any more AVP products it would be difficult and even more expensive to try and get replacements for anything I've lost or is missing later on.

I look forward to your response soon. Thank you. Really appreciate it.

GateKeeper's picture

I actually broke my order down and made several orders so I could get multiple copies of the models. I have one coming for me, one for each of my kids, and a couple of spares.

As far as I know, Prodos hasn't ever replied to one of their blog posts, you might want to send them a direct message through customer support.

If you can't get the extras, send me a private message and I'll see if we can work something out for my spares. I have five orders that qualify for the bonus models. I have a home for three sets and three sets of the cards. I had planned to sit the extra copies away for some time in the future (Not sure what I'd do with them. Probably put them up on ebay in a few years or something like that.)

Walter_31564F's picture

Holy crap! You're right!

I didn't even realize that. But I have to thank you for all of that!

I guess I should have broken down my big order into smaller orders of £55 or more or perhaps orders of £75 or less instead LOL.

It appears they do allow me to receive a second set of AvP Promo Cards pack and the Dutch and Linn miniatures for a completely separate and second order of £55 or more.

Guess I'll have to place at least one more order of at least £55 or more if I want another set of those two special bonus offers.

I've been focusing mainly on getting the miniatures that had designated official "Mission" scenarios for them lately:

  • Elite Predators for the "Prison Break" mission
  • Chester The Cat for "The Cat Begins" mission
  • Alien King for the "Bug Hunt" mission
  • M577 Armoured Personnel Carrier for "The Heist" mission
  • Weyland-Yutani Commandoes for the "Hazard Containment" mission
  • Predator Elders for BOTH the "One Final Sweep" mission and the "Down The Rabbit Hole" mission
  • USCM Officer for "Up Close and Personal" mission

It's just such a shame and too bad we won't see more miniatures based on the AvP Arcade Game from Capcom though. I'm a huge fan of that game because it was one of the most hilarious video games I have ever played in my lifetime!

And also because I would have loved to have unicast miniatures for

  • Mad Predator
  • Chrysalis
  • Razor Claws
  • Arachnoid
  • Defender
  • Smasher
  • A "Unicast" edition of the Stalkers

All of the enemy Marines loyal to Wayland-Yutani (Yes it was spelled "Wayland" in the Arcade game) like the

  • Private
  • Sergeant
  • Corporal
  • A "Unicast" edition of the Power Loader
  • the unnamed USCM General/Colonel or Admiral (fat guy that gets killed by the Alien Queen in the final confrontation before the game ends).

Unofficial sources call him "General Bush", but in the original Japan version of the game he's just known as the "Admiral".

And who can forget about them "Infectoids" zombies?

Capcom must have been inspired by Konami's Aliens arcade game for that one! Which then later on must have lead them to ideas to create their Resident Evil franchise.

I just can't believe we never got miniatures for Chest Bursters! (named "Chest Busters" in the Arcade game).

And I would also have loved to see 2 unicast Predators miniatures based on Predator Warrior and Predator Hunter from the Arcade as well.

Or maybe they really should be multi-part and modular for their arms so you can have them interchange and hold a Pulse Rifle, Smartgun, Flamethrower, Grenade launcher, Disc, Spear, Naginita, or Linn's Sword?

Now I kinda wished Dutch can have modular arm(s) so he can hold and use Linn's Sword, Disc, Spear and Naginita like he was able to in the Arcade game. Dutch with Linn's sword was so game-breaking and overpowered that it had me laughing every single time. I swear man, Dutch is almost unstoppable every single time he has Linn's blade.

The closest thing to the Royal Guard from the Arcade game is the Praetorian unicast I suppose. The original Royal Guard miniature we got from Prodosgames looked NOTHING like the ones we've seen in the Arcade game.

And then all we need is a Co-Op designated Mission scenario (or multiple scenarios) based on the Arcade game designed for up to 5 players where each player can only use a different character, and the 5th player (or the Game itself) controls the Aliens, and the Weyland-Yutani marines and mercenary commandoes. That would have absolutely been perfect!

The designated mission scenario should be named "The San Drad Incident" or "San Drad: De-Classified" or something like that.

However, maybe it's more suitable in a completely separate product altogether?

Because AvP The Hunt Begins isn't exactly designed as a Cooperative Oriented, and Co-Op Missions Focused Board Game with a Boss fight at the end of each and every mission.

I really hope that Prodosgames wouldn't give up on AvP and come back to it some day after the licensing issues with Disney becomes resolved later on. Because who knows?

Maybe we'll get a completely new and separate co-op oriented and focused AvP tabletop game the next time around that will be based on various elements of various co-op oriented Alien games and tabletop games. Only time will tell. There's already a new co-op Aliens board game coming out soon from Gale Force 9 if I remember correctly.

GateKeeper's picture

Yeah, I'd really been hoping they'd make models for all of the units they made stats for. At least I've managed to find proxies for most of them (I use the starter set predators for regular predators and the multi-part ones as Berserkers lately. Couple of other things I've been doing I've posted images of on the forums here.)

When making my own orders, I was trying to order up models I figured would be hard to find later on. Grabbed a second Dropship, a third APC, couple more boxes of the Hot Landing set, and a couple of the less common Aliens. How I see it, everyone is going to have Marines, Predators, and your rank and file Aliens (Infants/Warriors). Watch ebay, and someone's going to be selling used copies of the starters and maybe a few additional troops, but some of it's going to be hard to find later on, especially some of the models released toward the end of production where there aren't going to be as many in print. Besides, I've probably got +200 models between Stalkers, Infants, and Warriors, so I have plenty to field during play even in big games already. My overall goal was to have enough models to field a minimum of two maximum size units of everything during play. I think with the exception of only having one Alien King and the Royal Guard which I'll have eight of after this latest order, I should be able to field that fairly easily.

I fed SO many quarters into that old arcade game back in the day. I really loved that game. Dutch and Lynn being a part of this game really struck a high note for me with this game and I was crushed when I realized I was going to have to find one of the kickstarter models for them. The unicasts was a perfect way to end the miniatures line.

I agree, there are a lot of great ideas they could have explored. The AvP arcade game, Jeri, Herk Mondo. I actually just painted up a batch of Warriors as Boilers from the Colonial Marines game. Also have a Jeri model in the works that I'm pretty proud of how it's turning out.

I was really enjoying some of the custom models as well. The cat, Specemen 6, Flamethrower female marine, . . . Great stuff.

May be fun to find a little katana and stick it in the ground at Dutch's feet somewhere.

Yeah, I like the Royal Guard models, but that caste was presented so many different ways between the games and comics that it would be hard to create a definitive version of it. But I for one think "the more the merrier" when it comes to models for the game.

I think Prodos lost the license to make more AvP content. I'd love to see them get the license again and go back into production, but it's pretty unlikely I think.

Yes, there's a board game coming out, sounds like it's got a core set and two add-ons planned. From the number of models, I'm hoping that it includes the full set of people from the Aliens movie. And if it scales the same as other products from the company then they should scale well with what we already have. I preordered two, figure one to keep original, one for the extra models for use with this game.

There's also an Alien roleplaying game coming out called simply: Alien: The Roleplaying Game by Free League (Not familiar with the company, but everything I've looked up looks good.)

I think the best we can hope for at this stage is that someone else creates models that scale pretty close that we can use to grow our armies.

Walter_31564F's picture

Oh, I almost forgot about the "Fiery the Angel Fell” mission scenario that had been published for a Community Contest from 2018.

For the default setup of forces and factions the recommended configuration and setup is the following:


  • 1 Squad of 5 USCM
  • 2 extra Marines armed with Pulse Rifle and Combat Knife
  • 3 Sentry Guns
  • 1 Power Loader


  • 1 Warrior with a Combi-Stick and a Wrist Dart
  • 1 Warrior with a Smart Disc
  • 1 Hunter with a Wrist Blade and Plasma Caster
  • 2 Youngbloods with Wrist Blades and Wrist Dart
  • 1 Vocal Mimicry


  • 8 Infant Warriors
  • 5 Warriors
  • 5 Stalkers
  • 5 Facehuggers

Alternatively, you may use any combination of units up to 250 points (Advanced Rules).

All the more reasons to get Young Bloods, Sentry Guns, Power Loaders, Alien Warriors and Stalkers as those are not included in the Avp The Hunt Begins Second Edition box if I remember correctly.

How many copies of each mini can be used for the Unleashed war game format btw? I'm guessing named characters like Machiko, Linn and Dutch cannot have multiple copies in play.

Was there still a ratio system with the points per unit in the war game format?

Or perhaps each faction can use one of each unit or a group of unit without duplicates of groups or individual miniatures?

I still haven't figure out how it all works with the war game format and I wonder if there are multiple players per faction and species supported or not.

I thought about getting the Dropship but there does not appear to be any stats or rules for it though, so I'm not sure how it can be played or used officially, if at all.

But I am definitely aiming at having multiple copies of the stuff that have designated mission scenarios as I believe it just makes the most sense to get the best possible experience or complete experience of the game.

Unleashed war game format is probably meant for those that have a huge and massive budget so each player can have something like 100 miniatures each versus other players that also have similar or greater quantities of forces for their miniatures.

Would be absolutely awesome if somebody cooked up an Aliens versus Predator versus The Terminator custom scenario, especially for a war game format.

Imagine a Full Scale war between SkyNet and it's Terminator army and Hunter Killer drones, the Resistance, the Aliens, the Colonial Marines and the Predators. It can be multiple scenarios that take place across space and time. To me, that would be the ultimate epic battle of popular science fiction creatures and characters.

But one would probably have to use and get the Terminator miniatures from the more recent Terminator Genisys miniatures board games such as The War Against the Machines, Rise Of The Resistance, and The Fall Of SkyNet. Because that is something I would also like to see just for the heck of it.

It's just too bad that T2029 got cancelled though, and The Terminator Official Board Game also didn't get released as of now and might also become cancelled.

If only ProdosGames themselves had also obtained the license to make a Terminator miniatures board game that is fully compatible with their AvP game, if only.

GateKeeper's picture

Uniques in Unleashed? Hive Mother, Queen, and Predalien for Aliens. Dutch, Linn, and Machiko for Marines. Elders and Machiko for Predators Then there's Rob YourStand and Specimen 6. If you like playing larger games and have the models for it, Unleashed can be a lot of fun. There's a list of how many units of each type (Character, Infantry, Support, etc) you can have at each army size. How I've always read it is that named characters can only have one on the table.

The Dropship has rules in both the Unleashed book and in the Hot Landing box. My biggest complaint for it is that the APC doesn't fit in it

For me, I've always felt that the wargame plays best at over 1500 points. But then again I tend to prefer larger games.

I actually used the Terminator Genysis game you mentioned with a few models. I picked up two boxes of that game cheap and canabalized one box for some customs related to Alien vs Predator (The second box I threw the extra models into and we use the game as intended.) Might be a good place to start if you're interested in setting up an Alien vs Predator vs Terminator scenario. I used a couple of their rocket launcher models for Heavy Marines, and some of the big guns being carried by the Terminators to set up miniguns. The older box set actually sells fairly cheap online. I think a terminator faction would be fairly easy to put together. Start with the marine stats and make them a little harder to hurt. For the liquid terminators trade out the armor boost for a massive regeneration score. Hardest part is going to be pricing them for play.

I REALLY like the Young Bloods models, the wrist blades are very fragile though.

One thing you might think about if you haven't already: Extra starter boxes gets you extra tiles if you use them, extra tokens for big games, and most importantly it's the most cost effective way to build up some of your core troops. With my latest round of orders, I've got two more starters coming (I already had one 1st edition starter, and five 2nd edition starters. But you can never have too many core troops.)

Walter_31564F's picture

You made a very important point regarding core troops. If I remembered correctly, the regular basic miniatures such as the Marines, the Predators and the Stalkers and Infants which all came in "Unicast" format and editions in the Second Edition boxed set, but we're never offered and sold individually and separately.

We never got to buy more regular Predators in unicast format, only for specialized and better units that came later such as Elders, Elites, and the Female Predator. Even the cloaked Predators were all standard multicast like the original multicast format miniatures.

Same goes for the Marines, they offered us specialized units like the Flamethrower lady Marine, the Sergeant with a shotgun, the USCM Officer, and even Wetland-Yutani Mercenaries in unicast formats, but we never received an offer for unicast editions of those same Marines found in the 2nd edition starter bpx. Rather instead, we're offered multi-part Marines and standard multi-cast marines.

I just realized I made a mistake LOL.

The Stalkers DID receive a unicast edition, but similarly to the unicast editions of Marines and Predators core troops miniatutrs, they are exclusively available in the starter box set and was nevered offered or sold separately.

But you're probably right about getting as many tiles, etc. for the much larger games, especially when it comes to Unleashed wargame format.

Speaking of Terminator, I really would want to have that massive Hunter Killer tank with Dual Plasma cannons and the Flying Hunter Killer with the Tail Plasma Cannon on the Terminator/SkyNet's army side that we had seen from the 2nd Terminator movie. Then we also need lots of Model 101 T-800 infiltrators along with 2 or 3 T-1000 miniatures and that should be about it.

The first 2 probably will require custom miniatures as Genisys changed and used different looking Hunter Killer drones, same for all the sequels and movies that followed after Terminator 2.

I even thought about the Silverfish, the Orbs as they had been in Terminator 2 the Arcade Game.

And then there was that massive mainframe super computer that represented SkyNet in the Arcade game.

GateKeeper's picture

I broke down and pulled the trigger on one last order last night. Dipped into my savings heavier than I had planned, but I figure this is one last hurrah for the game before it vanishes into obscurity. But who knows, maybe we'll still get lucky and Prodos will regain the rights, or someone else will purchase those rights and continue the game in some form. Probably won't happen, but we can dream!

For the larger Terminator stuff, look into the old NECA models. Some of the Terminator vehicles from that look like they would scale fairly well, and I've seen others use them as proxies in their Terminator Genysis games.

I dragged out all of my old Aliens and Aliens vs Predator comics last night. Going to be reading through a bunch of those in search of inspiration for some new custom models for this game. Got Jeri half done, and I plan to do Herk Mondo and a Berserker power armor suit when I can find acceptable proxies for them. I think I'm going to paint up a squad of Infants as Red Xenomorphs just for some color verity in my models. Been looking for something I can use for Decon and the Newborn, but I haven't had much luck with those yet. So many great characters we never got to see.

Another thing I was looking at last night is the fact that the Mutations allow us to create stats for nearly every alien type from the old arcade game.
Arachnoid: Infant with Adrenaline Boost and Powerful Hind Legs mutations. Deployment: Regular, Infultration, Rapid Deployment, Stalk(?)
Chrysalis: Royal Guard core. Not sure what Mutations would be best though. Maybe Hive Collective, Regeneration, and Toughened Exoskeleton? Deployment: Regular, Flank Deployment.
Defender: Warrior core with Armored Plating. Deployment: Regular.
Razor Claws: Evolved Warrior core with Rippers and Bloodthirsty. Deployment: Regular, Flank Attack.
Smasher: Basically just a baby Crusher. I'm thinking Evolved Warrior Core with Armor Plating and/or Regeneration, and Relentless. Deployment: Regular, Flank Attack

Eventually I'll likely paint up a group of models to accommodate each of those groups, then do a set of custom cards for them. Use the above, or something close to it, then give each one the option of an additional Mutation.

Walter_31564F's picture

The fact that we can't carry the APC with Dropship is why I wasn't fully up for getting that model.

Way too expensive and there was never even a discount offered for it or the APC. I've seen somebody made a modular set up with the Dropship so it can have the missiles out and visible or the top part of the drop ship closed.

Really would have wanted to see at least 1 vehicle model for the Predators because Marines got their Dropships, APCs, and Power Loaders.

Sometimes it also made me wonder what it would have been like if they added the Predator Spacecraft's or Space Shuttles from the original two Predator movies.

And what if they had added the Sulaco or similar Conestoga Class spacecraft for the Marines?

Or how about the EEV from Alien 3?

Or the Narcissus shuttle life boat seen at the end of Alien and beginning of Aliens?

Or how about The Betty and the USM Auriga?

If they had gone as far as Ressurection characters, I would have wanted to see them expand the human faction to Rogues, Space Pirates and Mercenaries.

Ever heard of or played Aliens/Predator Customizable Card Game from HarperPrism and Precedence back in 1997?

Because they did just that and it really made the human faction much more interesting and added even more variety.

Would have wanted to see how they'd re-implement that sort of thing if only ProdosGames had gotten as far as obtaining licensing and stuff for Alien Resurrection, but that movie was the least popular among the community and not as relevant as the stuff that came later thus it isn't a surprise that it's simply not on Prodogames priority of "things to do and get done" list.

I still don't understand how we ended up with a Crushed and Spitter, and yet we did not get Boilers, Chest Bursters, or The Raven?

And no additional characters from Aliens Colonial Marines?

Why not implement and add the rest of the cast from Aliens Colonial Marines like Winter, Bela, O'Neal, Cruz, Reid, etc.?

Or how about Rookie and Tequila from the 2010 AvP game? Why we only ended up with Specimen 6 and not more characters from that game? It's still quite new and relevant at the time this board game had been released.

There were also so many other miniatures that never received a unicast update such as Power Loader and Sentry Guns.

Anyways, regarding how you would want to implement AvP Arcade characters those are all brilliant ideas. However, I find that a Stalker core would be most appropriate for the Defender since those are very similar in the Arcade game in terms of class. Low health points, move quickly and can do significant damage up close or attacking in groups.

Not too sure about Arachnoid, I guess Infant or Warrior core would do. To me they are a faster Warrior that jump spam frequently and have high jumps, have about the same stamina and health points as Warriors and Smashers. It went from a regular enemy to a "boss" on the 3rd stage when players are firing their guns while riding on top of the APC. I guess that APC's weapon systems all either ran out of ammo or completely malfunctioned as I found it awkward, but it was meant to be a funny comical Aliens game.

And I haven't forgotten about Jerk Lindo and Jeri the Alien Synthetic LOL

Chrysalis with a Royal Guard or Praetorian core, maybe that'll work. Although Chrysalis is a bit more like a Crusher with it's armored ground roll attack.

Smasher as a very toned down Crushed, that sounds just about right.

How about the Infectoids?

What about the "Mad" Predator(s)?

How would you implement and make those custom miniatures for this game?

And what about the Chest Busters?

They should have kept the Weyland-Yutani Commandoes as a sub-faction altogether as a "Corporate" faction rather than thrown together as the Marines faction using their same faction cards, etc.

That would help significantly in recreating scenarios like those we've seen in various video games and the expanded universe. E.G. AvP Arcade, Alien Trilogy, Aliens Colonial Marines, AvP2.

Walter_31564F's picture

I hate my phone for autocorrecting me each and every single time. It's Herk Mondo, and Crusher. And it's still autocorrecting me, argh!

GateKeeper's picture

I think the larger ships you mention, while they'd be cool as heck, would likely be much larger than what would be usable. On the other hand, some kind of floorplan for those ships along with the tiles to create sections of them would be incredibly useful. I think NECA did an escape pod but it would be a bit small. Might make a great terrain piece though.

I'm under the impression that Hot Landing was one of their best sellers. To me that suggests that they would have done themselves a favor by doing box sets more often. It would have been fairly simple to do box sets for each of the movies/games/comics. The biggest issue would have been getting approval for the molds before production, then just run with it. Each box set could include new characters unique to that piece of media, while throwing in a few new poses of existing models. And if each box set was designed to be self contained (Tile set, cards, tokens, miniatures, rule book) then I suspect that it would have appealed to more people as they could enter the game from their favorite setting and grow their collection from there. At the same time, if those models were available individually through the store, that owuld have been great as well (For example, I picked up six Hot Landing boxes between the time they released and this last week. Mostly this was for the Spitters as I only really wanted two of the Predators. Would have been nice to be able to pick up the Spitters as their own booster pack.)

The most recent Colonial Marines game would have been a good one to explore, as would Covenent and The Predator. But alas, it is not to be. So much untapped potential.

Did you see over on the forums that I did a batch of Warriors up as Boilers? Basically painted them gray, did patches in neon green, then hit the whole thing with a black wash. They turned out alright. Still need to make some custom stats for them though.

The Alien vs Predator card game is one I've always wanted to get into, but I've never had a chance to even play it and it's rare enough I doubt I'll ever find it now.

As for the customs, you're probably right about the arcade models. If I were to stat them, I'd want to play the game again. And as for painting them, I'd likely just try to find the most similar models to them and use that as a starting point. The Razor Claws for example look pretty similar to the Infants, if a little bigger. Would need to come up with a way to do the razor claws, but the rest of it could be handled with a paint job. The Smasher if you filled a few of the Warrior head ridges somehow and painted it right you could probably get away with that for a proxy model. The Arachnoid could be done with a little papercraft, cut out the little ridge for the back portion of the skill and glue it in place, then a hint of putty or green stuff to smooth the front into the main portion of the head. Defender could be handled with a creative bit of painting. I think the only REALLY difficult one would be the Chrysalis.

Infectoids would be handled as "zombie" models from a hundred different companies, or in the case of the predators just a custom painting should work.

The trickiest bit for any of these would be setting up stats and pricing them for play. In my experience the best way to do this is to find the closest thing to something already in the game, then add/remove abilities at listed costs to get them to about where you need them. After that, tweak as needed with a generous amount of play testing.

Chest busters actually wouldn't be difficult to create for the game. A piece of green stuff rolled into the shape, pose as needed, let dry and paint as desired.

I actually don't mind that the WY models are grouped together. I've played games with them against Marines before, aliens vs aliens, predators vs predators. I see the background of the card as more of a race identifier than a faction identifier. I figure it's up to the player to determine who's on who's side when the shooting starts.

When my orders arrive, I'm going to get all hyped and probably drag out some old Alien games, I'll hunt up the rom for the old AvP arcade game some time in the coming weeks and see about actually statting up some of these additional models. It won't be perfect, but I should be able to put together something that's passable stat wise without too much trouble.

Maybe we should take this over to the forums and we can put together a conversation thread. That way any stats we come up with or model mods we do will be where other people can find and use them as well. Not sure how long it will take to stat everything up, but once I get started, I don't expect it will take too long.

GateKeeper's picture

Started a thread over in the forums for the customs we've been talking about:

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