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Abjugardiel's picture

Nice !

Quexxes's picture

Great Work!!!

Freefallrlc's picture

Thanks guys :)

PredatorYoungBlood's picture

jealous wish i could be that god at painting

Eagleeye's picture

I'm well impressed with your marine it looks amazing. have you done the smart gunner yet.

Freefallrlc's picture

Thanks :)
Yes. All others are done as well. I can post some photos tomorrow.

Diggitydug's picture

Absolutely brilliantly done. Please post more pictures, and list the colors you used.

Freefallrlc's picture

Already posted these pics of the other marines earlier in the old forum. Here are a few again, including the smartgunner



Diggitydug's picture

Stunningly good. What colors did you use please?

Freefallrlc's picture

Citadel paints mostly.
The pants are Kommando khaki. The camouflage dots beastial brown and dark grey.
The armor is based painted black. The green is salamander green. Very old citadel color which is long out of production. But would be better to use something more army olive tone. The highlights I used khaki to brighten up the green.

Thunderjack88's picture

This is a perfect example of keeping it simple with nice clean highlights makes for an impressive paint job. Great stuff I really like how your flesh highlights look.

Freefallrlc's picture

Like most people, when you learn to paint, I used to paint with drybrushing and washes back then. Nice effects and rather simple to achive nice effects. Still works well on "rough or dirty" surfaces like fur or undead. But with rather clean models like the marines, you recognise that those techniques are a bit too rough and the result is often not as wanted and looks untidy. So the next level for painters is painting several layers of highlights, getting brighter and brighter. That looks more clean and detailed. So I mostly rough paint the base, the highlights and shadows on, Then give it a wash again with the base color to make the transitions more smooth. And afterwards paint the highlights gently back a bit if necessary

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