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Jumping back into the fray - Tips and Goals

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Hi all,

Lumberjack1988 here (I used to be very active in the Old Prodos AvP forum section) back from what seems like an eternity away.

So lets see last time I was posting I was optimistic about receiving my AvP stuff soon (We all know the drama Prodos has gone through which has caused delays). I had created several extended universe prey species (now destroyed as the standard was not good enough compared to the official Prodos range) in an idea of doing a Predator hunt game, planned some conversions, paint jobs and my Predator clan markings etc.

Anyways point being ive now received my Pledge partially shipped email (If anyone can tell me details on a ETA, who sends this how long it normally takes that would be awesome) and ive got rid of all my extras to start a clean slate.

So the question of how to prepare popped up without going overboard.

  • First paint schemes to be honest are easy as we have reference from the films and ill stick mainly to those.
  • Bases! What to do Scenic Bases, Ship Tiles or infested? I have decided to grab some size compatible Malifaux transparent bases so I can see the lovely tile design underneath my models.
  • To hand paint or to get a Airbrush? This is always a question when I start a new project. To be honest the only thing with the AvP models id like an Airbrush for over hand painting is the Xenomorph head domes, it looks great when airbrushed but that borders on the silly to fork out the money for just that. So some clever inking will be used instead.
  • What to start with, alot of you have probably already gone through this or have planned what to start with. Me im going to get the core game done before I move on to Add-ons. Starting with the easiest and most numerous the Xenomorphs, these guys can be plowed through nice and easy with some batch painting. I will then do the Marines before I treat myself to the Predators.

So is there anything ive missed I should take into consideration? Or have any of you come across any tips or tricks worth sharing for those of us ready to dive in?



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hey Lumberjack. Still quite a bit of drama as far as Prodos and its backers. Got my KS awhile back and have been enjoying it quite a bit though im still missing items. I was told the rest would be sent to me as it comes out to markets.

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I think the Aliens are fine and quicker painted with airbrush. But the many details on the Marines and Predators require getting done by brush.
Post some pics when done! :)
About the bases, I made my own, before knowing about the very fitting secret weapon bases. Which also perfectly fit the new Facehuggers. Now it's too late haha

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@PredatorYoungBlood yeah it's a shame so many issues have plagued the KS backers. Wave releases I expected I always find something I really want from a KS is on a later or the last Wave.

@Freefallrlc I can see that my test runs showed me Marines and Predators have alot of little details that a brush is going to be needed for.
I plan to document it all!

A good tip for those looking for basesif, I could decide on base themes for my minis I would go for Seceret Weapon Bases as they fit perfectly and are great quality.

My stuff should arrive in the next day or so, expect some opening and size comparison stuff soon.

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Ah, yes the long and rocky road of KS delivery is finaly coming to an end sooner or later. So many bumps along the way! I can't wait for the final approval of Wargame Rules :)

So, I started as well with my Core Aliens. I don't use Spraygun, and mostly apply paint with brush. I got a White Spray Can (citadel) and followed a nice technique I spotted online. You whiten them up, then you use brown wash. Once dry, you use the color of choice mixed with same color wash and water. Then you just wash the mix, and ta-dah! Aliens!

I followed the same path with my Marines, although later on I added jungle camo.

For the Preds I did alot more highlighting work, because the models are so good I could not help it.

As for the bases, since I am a Wargamer throught and through, I simply made them Rocky Jungle. I will use them on the Wargame for open ground, and even got some nice buildings that fit the "jungle hidden lab" description.

So, about your "partially sent", when I receive my notifications it usually takes a couple of days or so till I get a notification from "Allekurier" saying it has been picked up. Then sometime later on that page there is the extra code for the company that does the moving around (for me it is UPS). But there have been some comments of people just receiving stuff without notification, however that is rare.

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@Chronomancer the white base technique is one that could work really well for Aliens, normally avoid it as don't normally do miniatures with such a all over 1 scheme look. Do you have any pictures you could share of the final look.
As for partially sent I've received my tracking details so not long now.

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