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New Release (May)

Winged_WZ's picture

I really love the Visionaires, their hoods and poses;
but I'm playing Imperial so I am a little bit unhappy:
- I like to have an army wich mixes male and female models. The Imperial Corporation has Grey Ghosts, Mourning Wolves, ISC Agents. Anyway these Mourning Wolves appear to me to be excessives: it's strange that every Fenris should have a Male & Female pair. And they haven't anything of specific, they seems exactly the base troop models; at least the Worg Riders Mournig Wolves have a Violator Sword. I would have preferred a model different from anything we saw previously. Maybe an head protection, a different robe would do the difference. Ok the Mourning Driver has sunglasses... :) The male driver looks great, but was thinking the Wolf Claw was a weapon only for the wives.
- The Fenris BIKE is a sort of agricultural three-wheeled tractor. Awful bodywork for a bike.
Maybe can they also cut the grass? Sorry. :(


ergotoxin's picture

Hmm... I'm a bit more optimistic about this wave.

Visionaries are nice stylish models, the "nuns with guns" theme might be little over the top though. Also it looks like the models are just little bit oversexed. I much more prefer a realistic approach to Warzone (remember Angelika?), hopefully WZR won't turn into second Space Crusade... Though that one holding her pistols crossed - camp or not, still a great model! Makes me think about starting a Brotherhood army...

Fenris Bikes look good to me, though I'm not a big fan of Imperial or the Clans. Crew models look great, regarding the tractor bikes - I dig them, mostly for their potential for 40K Ork conversions. Which is not a bad thing at all...

Vince Diamond looks so much better than the original. Good work on the muscles/implants and most of all proper legs! I'd get this one for my Cyber, though the price tag is putting me off... It's justified if it's on a 50mm base, but there's no info about that, which sucks...

Now, let's get to the 2.0 / Illian spoiler season! ;)

DiStudios's picture

Although I am a Bauhaus collector, I ordered the visionaries, they are a fantastic modernization of the figure that came from the Cathedral boxset. Also they make great priests proxies when I play 40K with my Bauhaus. I don't see Warzone taking the Space Crusade route in terms of overly sexual design, as that would probably take away from Space Crusades 'appeal'.

Let's see what 2.0 and beyond brings, I really am hoping for a decent model of the Strike Skimmer!

altasmurf's picture

My thoughts are summed up with Ergotoxin for the Visionaries and Vince Diamond. However the aesthetic of the Fenris bikers is lost on me. But it is nice to see some models being released, good job Prodos.

Assur's picture

The rules for new models are up, what do you think?

Visionnaires seem a unit worth considering, but not a must-have.

Vince is probably the best uniqe Cybertronic warlord, I'd like to see some cards for him.

Fenris bike could be nice as transports for warhounds etc.

altasmurf's picture

The Visionaries seem like a fun unit, but they're a high point cost for low armour which is a risky thing. They would be fun though. Vince seems pretty straight forward, a nice alternative Warlord for cybertronic. I'm not a big fan of the Fenris bikes both in looks and on paper, but i'm sure that a fenris army would find them to be a great support unit alongside necromowers.

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