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AvP - Question on Sentry

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Unused sentry actions... does each player resolve all his sentry actions in initiative order, or, do players resolved 1 sentry action at a time in initiative order?
Page 19 which discusses this is a little unclear, but the difference is huge in game turns :)


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Hi mate :)

On rulebook 2.0 page 19 is indicated that players use their sentry tokens in intiative order by taking turns. This means:
Player with initiative activates 1 sentry token
Player 2 activates 1 sentry token
Player 3 activates 1 sentry token
Player 1 activates second sentry token
and so on.


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I've got a question on sentry.

If a marine player uses the card that give 2 of his minis a sentry token and they yet have to be activated, do they get 2 action points and a sentry?

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The Sentry tokens are removed from play when a model choses to expend it and make a "setry responce" by interrupting another model's activation or at the end of turn.

So yes, your model will carry his Sentry Token with him until he decides to use it or the turn ends. Remember though that you can use each action only once.

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So technically I could activate the model, use extended action (like weld, run etc) and then use shoot by a sentry? That's kinda cool!

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Indeed :)

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