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KS delivery postal services issues

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Well, I'm not sure where this should go, I'm hoping "General discussion" will do.

I've finally received my package, after 2 months (!) at the local customs. Or at least my local post office has.
The package was sent to my old adress, of 2 years ago, under my KS backer name (the same Hudson D. I'm using here), instead of my real name.
To cut a long story short, they won't hand me the package when both the names and adress are different, but they're willing to hand it to me if there's a letter from the sender (Prodos) saying I'm the person they sent it to. I'm trying all channels there, email, customer service and forum, because I only have a week till they send it back to Prodos.



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All I can say is good luck.

Perhaps printing out the pledge manager page showing your pledge would help?

If all else fails, you might want to write the letter on their behalf ;-)

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