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WRZ 2.0 Beta to begin this July!

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Fresh from the Facebook group!

IMAGE(WRZ 2.0 Beta Begins July 1!)

Other news is that in a poll of users of the WRZ Facebook group, users voted heavily against another Kickstarter for distribution of the new edition. The immediate result of this are an elongated release schedule (monthly-ish releases) as opposed to a lump sum. Next army is almost certainly going to Illain but thats still a long was out.


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Role on July. Can't wait to see Warzone getting a much needed boost so that it can become the game that's played and what we want it too be

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I'm not sure how to start a new topic as I don't see a tab function to start one, so I thought this would be the best place to ask...

Should I be worried about the game in general? I'm not sure but it seems as though there is no "steam" behind the game at all. Not new news on the beta or how it's new rules are being used? No battle reports with the beta rules, not response for 3 weeks on the one question that has been asked.

My heart fells heavy as WarZone and MC have been a faviorite of mine for 20 years, playing it when WarZone was first released in 1995. Been through Target, paradox, and now Prodos.

I just want to know that there is "love" out there for the game.

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I just ran my 7th beta game today, I love most of the changes. Some things that have fallen by the wayside were cool, but too much (ie. balancing ~1000 card PLUS models for tourney play, rock/paper/scissors weapon vs. armor)

All in all, the changes seem to be in the right direction, especially to draw in new players. Prodos has a slight problem here in the USA, so fellow Americans, talk up the game at your local store/group until a major distributor takes a good, hard look. Until then, Crusade away. I have found that using Crusader rewards to reward friends/give as tourney prizes is an awesome hook (4 of my 7 gaming friends are in now even though only 2 of us kickstarted the original release.)

Don't give up hope, we're here, we're working and dammit I want to see the tribes of Earth get released as more than an afterthought.

Best to all!

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Has anyone else done any testing? I'm curious as to how it's going. It would be nice if they released beta rules for at least one more unit for each army just to test a bit more things and see the direction the game is going.

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wydalibyście figurki ale takie jak w drugiej edycji, troche je poprawić i mamy super figurki, zobaczycie że będą sie dobże sprzedawać,
forsa popłynie dużym strumieniem hehe
mugłbym też doradzić , figurki z resurection mają za bardzo zwydziwiane pozy i są za chude, czego nie wzorowaliście się
na 2-edycyjnych figurkach, takie powinny być proporcje i pozy

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na próbe można by wydać zestaw Piechota Okopowa bo nie było 2-ed. figurek zdaje się tylko pierwszoedycyjne sprzedawane w pudełku
z drugiej, zobaczylibyście jakby się to sprzedawało

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Anybody knows what's the current status of WZR 2.0? Are we getting any new miniatures or rulebook soon? Prodos seems awkwardly silent lately...

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Rules are still being developed from what I know. Last weekend there was a 1000pts tournament in Southern Poland that used 2.0 beta rules. I didn't participate so can't give details, but obviously the 2.0 rules are advanced enough for such an event (and far more advanced than what can be downloaded from this website), there must be 2.0 rules developed for all factions and most (if not all) existing units.

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