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Well the new forum is fine, but I'm sure we do not want to lose sight of the outstanding AvP Kickstarter items. Although I did recently receive my main boxed game, there are still items outstanding with no clear date when they are to be delivered. I know I am not alone and simply deleting the old forum does not make it all go away.


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Yeah, little early to white-wash this particular part of your sordid history, Prodos - still enough of us Kickstarter backers who haven't received their pledges to let everyone know that you are not a trustworthy company.

So for the record I still haven't received any of my pledge. Pledge manager status is 'awaiting' which I'm given to understand means you have all the info you need. Boardgames have been on retail shelves since July last year - how the hell is it that I'm still waiting to see anything TEN MONTHS LATER???

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Still received nothing at all?

That is simply awful.

I for one will not be spending any more money with Prodos, maybe never again, at the very least it will not be for a long time.

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Pledges are going out I got mine finally here in the UK on Friday.

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Still waiting.

My pledge status has changed to "awaiting" nearly four months ago, IIRC. I swear, if there's no big (that means we get an announcement, not a 'newsletter' passed along via KS or a blurb on Facebook) update in the next month, I'm never buying a single Prodos product in retail once my order arrives.

IF my order ever arrives.

I'm finding it really hard to continue to preach patience when they've got the time to work a whole other product line and all these conventions (not to mention tearing down the old forum to re-build the site) without being able to reliably present updates to customers who have already paid for products. I'm not a Kickstarter backer, who funded on a gamble. I'm a PRE-ORDER customer, who paid for a product that WOULD hit shelves and was already slated to release. It's on shelves and released, but I haven't even SEEN the things in-person.

There's a group on Facebook dedicated to legal action against Prodos and I would be lying to say that I'm not tempted to join that bandwagon.

If I paid for the pre-order of Mass Effect 3, Halo 5, or DOOM and GameStop told me they'd get it to me 'eventually' while selling to everyone else and maintaining a stock in-house, you bet your bug-stompers I'd do something about it. This isn't a $60 game, though. This is $630 worth of "my wife is still yelling at me over this two years later."

I'd like my purchase, now..


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Again we get promisses.

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Greetings FROM SPAIN.

I no recived ANYTHING (included mails or responses about KS)

I can't understand, as costumer/backer, why the backers didn't have anything of the game but PRODOS is shelling it at the online store.

Is my second AND LAST KS with you PRODOS. I feel that you have laughed in the face of the backers

When you will send my Pledge (partial or complete package) I hope a message or something...

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