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Need help!!!

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Hello guys...

I need help with my predator , played to 2.0 I can not win any game with them, is the player the winner and marine aliens sometimes , but I'm not able to win with predator .

suggestions? I 've tried around 1 hunter + 1 combi 1 + 1 smart hunter disc , etc.

I need help


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I won a few rounds with the Predator faction while playing with 3 people.
The best way is to wait a bit so the Aliens go CC with the Marines and then jump in. If you are able to go CC with your Preds you're technically invincible. Use your cards smart and try to use the Smart Disk around the corners :).

Are you playing the v2.0 rules?

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Yes, we play 2.0, the problem is only 2 predator , cards marines powerful , put doors, dies 1 Predator and fucked .
Best combination ? Hunter + SmartDisk ?

Thanks gacu

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Hey mate :)

I take it that you are playing with just the basic box contents? The most powerful combination vs Marines is Hunter and SD Warrior. SD Warrior can shoot through corners. Sentry happens only after you complete an action, so if you combine a run action with a +1 movement (card effect) you run 3 tiles and engage the marines.

Practice Practice Practice (and roll 1s :P like a boss!!!)

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