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Show Us What You've Got Challenge

Freak's picture

Greetings all.

I've just gotten a massive chunk of my Warzone models finally painted and it got me wondering, what does everyone else have?

So here's the Challenge, let's see what you've got to bring to the fight!
A single picture of just one painted force is all I'm asking, though if you want to add more I'm not going to object.

Just to start things off, here's my Bauhaus force, there's a few Vorreiters still to do but since they aren't painted yet, they don't count, enjoy.


My Juggernauts, can't wait to try these.


Venusian Rangers


Etoiles Mortants with an Armorcast Weapon Effect on the Flamethrower. I have an even more awesome one but I'm holding that image back as I want to enter it in this years competition, assuming they run it.



SteveTimJim's picture

Looking good.

I have no pics I'm afraid. Bought into the game a week ago ready for 2.0. I got 2 starter boxes for Bauhaus and Capitol and one each of Brotherhood and Imprial, plus a few other units I really liked the look of. They will make it to the painting table by the end of the month. I played the Target Games version back in the day, so am looking forward to revisiting the MC universe again.

Freak's picture

Welcome to the Warzone Steve, hope you enjoy the ride.

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