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State Of Kickstarter ????

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Hi All

Please can someone help ?

I am a little confused over the state of the KS. I am a backer and still missing somethings i.e. the wargaming rules and the alt maries poses squad.

Any news about what is happening with things ?



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Heh, consider yourself fortunate you have *anything* from your pledge - I don't, and I'm sure not alone.

As of Jarek's 2nd October facebook group post, the wargame rulebook "should" be printed by the end of November.

Jarek said in his 22nd June update that Fox had approved the Alt-pose marines and they were entering production. No idea what's happened in the intervening 4 months. They're not up on the Prodos store yet though.

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Prodos have no excuse for some of the communication problems over the years, or lack thereof. But, it looks like things are turning around a bit now, and people like the very busy Alicja (Alice) being very helpful in getting part/full/eventual adjusted orders off to us.

Hopefully its not too little too late, and KickStarter folks (all of them) are sorted out ASAP and fingers crossed Prodos employ more similar people and turn things around. In the Wargaming/Board Gaming realm, customer relations is key and if Prodos want to try and improve business they clearly have to improve relations - its a symbiotic relationship :)

I hope they do, as this is an excellent product and it would be a shame for them to lose out after coming so far (with the product design) and another business to take over AvP related material.

So come on Prodos, pull your finger out:

- sort out the KickStarters first
- release new cards and material for Rules 2.0
- (if it helps produce a paper/hard back 2.0 set for purchase) but also keep the pdf version - that is a must.
- Get your alternative poses and other miniatures up on the website.

But most importantly, TALK to us. Send more emails out, copy and paste them to the forum (in a specific news area, that is actually refreshed) and turn this around from something that has soured the taste, to something positive moving forward.

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