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Is prodos abandoning avp the hunt begins?

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So yeah, like the title says I'm wondering what the future for the hunt begins is.

The rules have been updated 4 months ago but no news on a new rulebook/cards.
It doesn't seem like any new models are on the way, and even the old KS models aren't being released. (was hoping to get my hands on that sergeant, the super predator and eggs)

The recent sales makes me wonder if they are trying to clear out stock.

But, there is a new game "the last stand" coming out. The models are unicast on look different than those from THB. It's supposedly an expansion but looks more like a new standalone to me. So does that mean all future AVP figures will fit with this new style?

I hear some tabletop rules are on the way, but will that be the last we get for the hunt begins?

I went full force into this game expecting something that would be supported and have a longer life cycle, but now I'm doubtful.

In short, is it worth it investing further in this game a this point?


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Hi there, thanks for your comment.

As for KS items, they will be released as soon as we send the last KS parcel.

Our team is working on an expansion to the Hunt Begins board game, that is in the pipeline to be released mid of 2017, in the mean time there will be a new release of AvP game, called The Last Stand, that will have an extra PDF rules allowing it to be used as an expansion to THB.

The last stand is in 100% non-hobby product (no assembly required) and is designed with Board Game play style in mind.

Also, Unleashed rules should be available in a month time, our graphical team is working on it as we speak!


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Thanks for the quick reply Jarek.

So, there is an expansion for THB in the works, and a new standalone game. Sounds great! .. I must have missed that part. In other words the "hobby line" of current AVP figures will still be expanded upon in the future? If that is the case i'm definitely back onboard.

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Yes, current AvP will be expanded in the future in parallel with Unlashed releases. There is about 15 additional designs that needs to be approved/sculpted and ran through production.

As for releases, any new release can be used in all 3 variants of the AvP products, THB, Unleashed and TLS.

BTW. We even have enough material for Mercenaries, and if we are fortunate enough to get an approval they will be available before next year Xmas. Thanks

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Whoop de woo! Best news all week!

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Absolutely outstanding news. Looking forward to next xmas already. Happy xmas to all of you at Prodos.

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