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A question about the "second" version of the Bauhaus starter

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I would like to ask Prodos Games' representatives about the 'second edition' (as I call it) version of the Bauhaus starter box. I am happy owner of the older version of the same starter where the 'character slot' was filled with the Angelica Draken model. Later, the starter was 'redesigned' and Angelica was replaced with the model of Venusian Markshall/Kapitan on horse.

So, I asked via ticket system if there is any possibility to obtain this model without the requirement to buy the whole starter -- but to no success. I simply didn't get any answer.

So I would like to test my luck here, in forums. If anyone can hear me - is it possible to buy this one, single model of Venusian Marshall, somehow???


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Currently, it´s not possible to buy the Marshall on its own. I think Prodos is planning to make him more accessible somehow.

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Well. That sounds not very promising because this starter set is on sale for a good half of a year or for even more time...

I hope "Prodos Games" won't drop the "Warzone Ressurection" project...

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Why would they? 2.0 has just been released and Ilian is right on the doorstep

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