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Where is Space Crusade??

Bert's picture

I've tried to contact you via private message regarding when you are releasing this game which I've had on pre-order for months now.

Please can you respond to my query or as I advised in my private mail I'll cancel my order. Having seen the posts in the AVP forum I'm beginning to wonder if this is a scam company?

If I don't receive a satisfactory response I'll also be requesting that my stockist drops you as a supplier.


Kriegspiel's picture

According to gaming press Archon studio is so busy with LOAD (League Of the Ancient Defenders)
an "unofficial" adaptation of Defense of the Ancients & League of Legends MOBAs
that SC has been put aside until.

You have to understand that SC (expecially the 18+ version) is quite a limited market while MOBAs are very popular today.
Just the press "destroyed" SC before its release (sexist game, copy of Warhammer 40K, candy eye for male frustrated teenagers..) the same journalists who got their copy of LOAD cheer it: original, as good as Rum & Bones, etc..
You pre-order money may have been wisely invested in LOAD mass production for bigger benefits.
Just be patient, when LOAD orders will slow down they will work on SC again and you will get your box... just after all AvP backers will get their ;)

Meanwhile, do like me: use your SC model with W40K, MB Space Crusade, Blood Berets boardgame. If you are feed-up of Space Hulk & caverns like board, use Star Wars Miniatures one.
Anyway Prodos should hurry up since Star Wars Empire Assault range is taking the space/scifi dungeon crawling market.
With the release of Rogue One in theaters in Xmas, which box do you think people will order Santa?
- the Star Wars Empire Assault available in local hobby shop today
- the Space Crusader one expected since "End of July" (2016 or 2017?)
If SC box don't show before end of October 2016, it will be a marketting suicide to release them before Star Wars fashion decrease in February 2017..

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I'd like to hear from Prodos themselves about this. I'd like the product, but having heard of the AvP shenanigans, I ordered through a third-party company. I have the option of cancelling and using the credit to buy something else.

A shame, because their products are high-quality... if you can ever get your hands on what you ordered.

Snebze's picture

I ordered through a third-party company. I have the option of cancelling and using the credit to buy something else.

I cancelled and used the credit to buy into Konflikt 47 instead. Might still get a copy of this once it's released, but the wall of silence made me paranoid.

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