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I have been waiting over a month for a piece that wasn't packed in my avp game and I have had no reply. Is customer service not an important aspect of this company or what. I want either a refund or the piece I have been waiting for because this is ridiculous I can't even play the game that I bought because of this. That game cost nearly one hundred dollars and if there is a missing piece I deserve to have what I payed for.


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Please check your Private Messages :)

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I have gotten a response, but no replacement product. You aren't alone.

irish1983's picture

when I filled out the form for missing arms for one of my marines I got it in the mail within a month from Poland (actually they gave me all the arms to be safe).

jplawle's picture

I can barely get someone to respond to me. What contact form did you use?

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I got the wrong arm for one of my mariens so I had duplicates for another so I used spare parts from my warhammer 40,000 bits and made a prosthetic cybernetic arm like Cruz's leg from aliens colonial marines and it works pretty well

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Sounds like a good kit bash to me.

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