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Problem solved


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Cade was it the first time they told you it might have gone to spam? Then you resent and now its been a month since then?

You will get better results if you keep future posts less agressive. Im not saying you dont have a right to be mad, but the preson who either helped you (and the box might be on its way they ship from Poland), or who you want to help you might not be the reaosn your game had a miss packed item in it.

What email did you use to send in your report for the missing part/s? Also they are a Polish based company so unles you speak Polish a phone number might not be a great idea.

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I have used the same email and the last time I recieved a message from someone they said my past emails to customer service had gone to spam

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Lame, well have you tried this:

Thats what I used before and I got my stuff in about three weeks (heads up they didnt reply to my form that I noticed, but I didnt really seek out a reply from them). I just sent the form in with a picture of my work table with the mairnes on it missing some arms.

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