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Brotherhood's squad powers

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Hi guys,

I've got a rules questions about Brotherhood's powers in regards to its squads.

As it is stated in the general rules "A model can cast more than one power in the same game turn, but may not cast the same power or type of power (B,D or S) twice", unless it has expertise in B,D or S power type.

In the brotherhood section it says that "Any model in a squad, except attached characters, may attempt to cast any of the squads Art Powers but each power may only be attempted once per squad."

Here is the question. Can you, as a brotherhood player, have you squad cast two powers of the same type, in the same turn, but casting each of them from a different model of the same squad, WITHOUT having expertise in than power type?

Thank you for your help.


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Yes, you can do that.

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Thank you!

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