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Dark legion : Balkazar's vortex of chains ability

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Hi. I was wondering if the aforementioned ability can be used through void portals, since it is stated that it counts as a CHARGE ACTION. Move and shooting actions can be used through a void portal according to the power's discription.


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I don't think so. The way you want to use the ability suggests that enemy models would be dragged through a portal. But only friendly models are allowed to move through void portals.

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Yes, indeed. However, the whole effect counts as a charge action for Balkazar and this is the part that confuses me. Enemies are not allowed to go through, but Balkazar is. If you take a look at his ranged weapon a similar problem arises. His ranged weapon can be used through a portal, according to the rules, and if it hits it places the model in base contact with Balkazar, just like vortex of chains.

P.s. the ranged weapon as well as vortex say "relocate the model". It doesn't say "towards/away" (pg 8 of in the rulebook) which is a different thing. The way it is written it seems that vortex can be used because the targeted models are not actually dragged (towards/away) through the portals but relocated near him. So fluffwise you could say that he throws his chains through the portal, touch his enenemes in an unapropriate way and teleport them close to him to continue harassing them :P .

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I agree that the ranged weapon could relocate a model "through a portal", because of this:

Shots made through the Void Portal suffer RS(-2) and range is measured to and from each Void Portal.

I'm not sure if that was the author's intention (I mean allowing relocation through portals), but RAW it works. At least the opponent can protect his characters by using the 'guarded' rule.

However, no rule allows you to measure the range of any abilities, or B/D psychic powers, through void portals (as it does for ranged attacks). Vortex of Chains, despite counting as a charge action, is still an ability that targets enemy models within a specified range - but you can't measure that range through portals.

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You are right about vortex being an ability and therefore there are no rules saying that it can be used through portals. An official answer you be really nice to have. Is there any way to contact them for rules questions?

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Dunnagh is actually one of the rules authors and he's answered some of my questions in this thread:

So hopefully he'll have a look at the new questions here on the forum and answer them one day.

Otherwise you must go to facebook nad ask there, the authors are active on some facebook groups.

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I see. Thank you very much for your help. I ll contact them on facebook then.

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