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Battle report 2.2 Mishima -Cybertronic 800p

Offgridgamers's picture

Hi, On my blog you can find battle report of the first game of Warzone that I played with my son.
We had great fun.


Assur's picture

Thanks for the report, looking forward to reading more.

As for the Cybertronic list, Mirrormen are probably the only unit in the army I struggle to use effectively. There are just so many ways to ignore their skills (CC, templates, even simply turning the shooter so that he doesn't see Mirrormen using Chrome-Mirrored Suits).

Thompsr1's picture

Good report and good pics. Liked the scenario. Thanks for the time put into this.

Offgridgamers's picture

I think my son used Mirrormen wisely, to protect unit escorting target. If not for lucky scatter from Ashigaru mortar, they would probably done more. Yes, they are vulnerable to templates (but in this game most things are - flamers are horrible), but with Preemptive Strike or Infiltrate they can be placed out of the harms way. There are ways for opponent to deal with them, but he must allocate resources and time, and while doing that he may lose objectiv or two from his sight. :)

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