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New AVP Unleashed Rules (WIP) PDF ... thoughts? Where is 3 Player Mode?

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January 9th 2017 I got email from Prodos containing a PDF for the AVP UNLEASHED rules set... the wargame rules version in line with the war zone ressurection rules.

I noticed some people on this blog arent even aware of the release - this is abit strange as Prodos really should take charge of the community and informing us all... oh well.

The next piece of news is that the Beta rules for AVP: UNLEASHED will be released on 15th Feb. We understand that some of you feel that THB rules were rushed out and therefore we’re giving YOU the opportunity to have your say on the rules before they go to print. The playtest team have been hard at the rules and I believe they’ve had 7 if not 8 different versions of the various forces so that they feel that the forces are just right for deployment. I look forward to seeing the comments on these lists as having played them myself they certainly compare well with the other forces in Warzone. Here’s a little preview of the rules:

My main question and feedback to Prodos (I hope your listening!)

**Where are the 3 person multiplayer gameplay rules?

Wargames are very difficult to design properly for 3 players. I get that. And the square/rectangular play space makes things awkward for deployment and such.

But AVP is a 3 faction game and the media / fluff/ background always depicts the interaction of all three races in a struggle simultaneously - what is the point of AVP wargame if you cant play 3 forces at the same time?

There is also a niche for such a game, most tabletop wargames are only 2 players.

I know i'm asking for alot - but as part of the community and kickstarter participant from the start - I am firmly expressing my interest for a 3 player system for AVP the wargame.

I hope prodos reads this and gives us a reply - and I hope the community shares any comments suggestions to this idea.

Thank you for your time


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what is the point of AVP wargame if you cant play 3 forces at the same time?

Yeah thats a bit dramatic. Im not sure why you couldnt play with three players we do it all the time with warzone. nothing in the rules say you cant play with three players. Three player scenarios are what make 3 ways fights fun. try making a temple table setup or ship with the aliens infesting it. Have the marines get to a set point to blow the nest, and have the preds try to kill and collect trophies from the other two sides (like a set sgt or royal guard etc) and get back to their ship.

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Or have the marines evacuating themselves and civilians from an infestation and have the preds trying to hunt them (alien player gets points for capturing enemy models or face hugging them).

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This is the first I've heard of tabletop rules for the AvP setting. The Hunt Begins was clearly designed with expansion onto the tabletop in mind, and I can't wait until it's done. It looks like the stats follow the Warzone profiles and I'd love to be able to play the factions in either game. I know they're not part of the same universe, so cannon-wise it might not work, but for fun's sake, I think some preds or xenos tearing through some Capitol or Bauhaus troops would be enjoyable :)

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least you got that much

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