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Getting Started Painting Warzone

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Hello, I have been a long time collector but I've never actually gotten around to painting the minis. I am picking up the Army Painter Starter set and looking for any tips on colours to paint the Imperial Starter set. Any help for an how to basic paint job would be great, if it goes well I'll try to do the same with Bauhaus.


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I don't have Imperial but I painted my Cybertronic using a lot of paints from the paint set you're speaking of. I used greenskin as the main colour for armour and uniforms (I didn't paint camouflage on it for my Cybers, but it would look good on Imperials), that light-brown paint for leather elements and some weapon parts. Quickshade wash I find good for skin and light colours (it's brownish), so I also bought Citadel black wash to darken armour, weapons and uniforms.

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Thanks I am trying to figure out a second army to play against, cybertronic seemed like the easiest idea to paint, and I like the idea of the clash between imperial and Cybertonic.

You'll have to take a picture of your Army and let us see it with this painting.

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