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Collecting Updates for v3 of Rules

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There still may be some issues worth updating in the rules. Also, my suggestions may be in error. I just wanted to get the ball rolling.

1- Please cite page number, and section title
2- Please tag [inconsistency, error, example needed, clarification, spelling]

Page 6 - 1.2 assembly
[clarification] - With the 2nd edition, there is no longer assembly needed as with 1st edition. Drop or add "may" require assembly.

Page 27 - Making a Ranged Attack at Engaged Models
[clarification] - The -10 modifier for shooting into an enagaged tile, even if friendly faction troops are not involved in the target tile, causes confusion from some of the forums. The game designer notes "Designers Note: The concept of Friendly Fire does not exist
in this game, and is rather interpreted by an RS penalty for Engaged tiles" moved up to this section may explain some of the intent.

Page 27 - 6.4 - Close Combat
[clarification] - In close combat, the weapon strengths are + and - (rather than weapon strength for ranged combat), such as the knife the marines carry. It is unclear what stat the + or 0 is modifying (and some state it is the figure's Strength stat in Close Combat, unless otherwise noted).

Page 33 - Shooting and Close Combat Action Flowchart
[error] - In the case of a weapon with RoA > 1, the arrow shows looping back to the "Spend and Action Point" line. This would imply that a weapon with RoA 3 would require 3 Action Points. I believe the arrow should be pointing to step below which is "Choose a Target Model".


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Anyone else have FAQ that they suggest making it into an AvP rules update?

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