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2nd Edition Scale vs. Expansion Pack Miniature Scale

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Hello My Fellow AvP Fans & Prodos Games,

So after painting miniatures from both the 2nd Edition and the Expansion packs I now have a more clear way to compare the two different miniatures... and they really are TWO DIFFERENT miniatures.

First of all, the 2nd Edition miniatures are 1 cast, while the Expansion pack miniatures are separate parts and need gluing. Now, the scale of both miniatures is really close if you consider that most of the Marine models from the 2nd Edition are in poses and the Expansion Pack miniatures are standing upright, so if you take this into consideration, they are the same height... But... if you look at the Expansion pack miniatures, they have great facial expressions and their weapons feel solid, this is however a lot different with the 2nd Edition miniatures, who have poor facial expressions and are a lot harder to paint. Their faces are so tiny and I had mold lines running through the middle of their faces, which was impossible to fix because the area you have to work in is sooooo tiny.

In my opinion, the Expansion Pack miniatures are 10 times better and I would advise Prodos Games to rethink using more single cast miniatures in the future. I personally see no issues with multi part casts and if that means the miniatures have way more expression and detail, then please keep it the way it is.

I think, for the future, the way to go would be to release multi part miniatures, different types of models, so that you get a nice collection of different miniatures. The 2nd Edition poses are great, but the scale and the lack of detail is just not upto the same standard as the Expansion pack miniatures.

Just my two cents... Hope it helps.


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I juste open my 2 box, and the smartgunner have is left arm realy tini :(
From first edition : miniature are to smaller (

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I think a lot of the size argument stems from the bases themselves. If you sit something under the 2nd edition figures from the starter to make the base sit level with the traditional bases then they aren't too bad height wise. I think the only real complaint I have related to size is that the gun itself for the smartgunner is smaller than the original.

About two thirds of the way down the page you can see some good side by side pictures with the newer models propped up so the bases are level. Not a perfect match, but not really bad eiher:

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