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Alien Praetorian and Tails.

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HI, I am surprised to discover a new alien : The praetorian. I first tought it was an alternative name for the Royal Guard but I was wrong.

Is it possible to buy it atm ?

Another question : In rules 2.0, aliens now have tail attack.
You have to choose from claws and tails each round so ?
Since you often have roa 2-3-4 on claws, tails seems pretty bad ...

I saw the paroxisme feat ... it's ok nevertheless.

Cya guys !


Alien_Warrior6's picture

Praetorians are better Royal Guards, just like evolved Warriors are better than normal Alien Warriors. There are no Praetorian models to buy yet.

Paroxysm is a new ability for the aliens. They don´t need to chose either use their claws or tail. Now the can use just both together as soon as they´re engaged and spend two action points for that kind of attack (so 2 AP and you´ll get your attack with claws and your tail together).

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Ok thanks. I did not have yet the opportunity to test the game. Just finished yesterday gluing enough models to have some diversity.

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yeah the new tail attack makes the aliens a lot deadlier once they start ganging up in a tile with their enemies

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The preatorian can be seen in Aliens vs Predator video game series. They're like bigger aliens with a developed head crest (similar to the queen). They were the "guards" of the hive. The royal guard (origins in comics and AVP: the arcade) seems to be the closest guard of the queen, hence the name.

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Since I have both read the comics and played the video games, I do not see many differences between Royal Guards and Praetorian.
In history, the "praetorians" (la garde praetorienne in French) refers to .... royal guards !
So ...
But I don't care, I want more and more and more minis !!! :p

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There seems to be a consistent 'evolution' theme in the various units of the aliens. Each variation has an 'evolved' form.


Infant - warrior - evolved warrior
royal guard - praetorian
stalker - crusher (this was an inference I read on the AVP wiki)

Leaving predaliens, queens and facehuggers as separate.

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