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Availability Of The AvP: The Hunt Begins

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Dear Prodos Games,

I love your product as advertised so I put in an order at a Games Shop here in The Netherlands which had it in their webshop. To my surprise they send me an e-mail that the product has to be ordered and that it's going to take a couple of days... Well, it's been a couple of days and they have gotten back to me saying that the delivery date will be unknown since their supplier, Prodos Games, is not communicating with them about their order.

Look, I really want to order this game and I don't care about money or wait times, I care about communication and I want to know when my items will be shipped. What I truly dislike, is a company that advertises product as AVAILABLE and when you order them, they are out of stock or suddenly UN-available.

I'd like to reach out to you, so that I can still get a copy of the game, I don't care who will supply it, as long as it's going to be supplied.

What can you do to help me ?

Best Regards,



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2nd edition is due for release soon. So it makes sense that your having issues getting a copy. 1st edition isn't in print. 2nd should be released for order by your store soon. If you look into and not your store I bet you could get a general release date for your area. I found out for me it's this month.

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